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Terms and conditions of sale

In case of claims, the claim must be properly documented to with photographs and a detail of what happened for proper processing. Depending on the case, a technician will be sent to the place, so it must be an accessible place and the material must not be installed or have been manipulated until its expertise, since it would lose the warranty and be able to guarantee a correct expertise, if it has not been expressly agreed otherwise. Until we receive information and photos or until the technician has arrived at the destination, we will not be able to initiate the file and therefore, any claim.

The cancellation of an accepted and confirmed order, either by email, with the signature of the order or with the payment of a confirmation regardless of the amount of this, involves the general conditions of sale of custom-made products and exclusive customer design (for custom lengths),may involve the cancellation of the order the loss of up to 40% of the total value of the order if it is manufactured and up to 20% if it is not manufactured by management fees. Depending on the type of panel or measurements, up to 100% of the order may be claimed if it is manufactured because it cannot be used for sale to other customers, as it is manufactured to specific measurements for a particular work of a single customer.

The combined transport is the transport of the goods together with other sandwich panel orders, or in exceptional cases with another type of material, which are combined in conjunction with other customers and sent to the customer free of charge or with a small franchise depending on the amount of m2 of panel in the order. By its very nature of combined transport, it is essential to combine it with other orders that go to the same area and that can fill a trailer truck. Therefore, a delivery date can be estimated by the history of deliveries in the area but an exact date cannot be given until there is a confirmation from expeditions. If the project requires a more specific delivery date, an express delivery service can be contracted once the material has been manufactured for an additional fee.

Acceptance of the offer implies that in case of conflict or legal claims, the courts of Zaragoza, Spain, will rule and take place.