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Not all sandwich panels are the same. That is why the quality and design of the sandwich panel varies depending on where you buy them, as well as the final price of the panel. Here we will find out why quality is not at odds with price, but the importance of having a warranty when purchasing..


In Panel Sandwich Group, we are very clear that the price of the sandwich panel is the factor that most influences the purchase of the product when comparing offers. That is why we strive every day and adjust the price to each project, being the most competitive in the market regardless of the size of the work. But we must be clear that the purchase process lasts a few days or weeks, and when we buy, we want to last for years and decades. But it is not always the case, since through the Internet, we can find crazy prices without knowing that these offers hide the real panel quality. That is, poorly manufactured and classified as second-hand, and some freelancers recover them at prices that do not exceed 2 € / m2 because their structural integrity is compromised. Not only this, but the malformation of the sandwich panel prevents the correct sealing between the plates and the appearance in a short time of humidity and condensation, fungi or animal nesting, risk involved such as winds blowing off the roof or even splitting it. This can be easily detected since these panels don't show any original invoice nor a European seal that guarantees the warranty and purchase traceability, and in many cases, there is no price difference between insulation thicknesses.

That is why a wrong decision attracted by a flashy price can make us regret a few weeks after installing the ceiling. And is that often such a high price difference is due to production defects so they can not be sold, but the backing of a great brand and a guarantee gives us assurance that what we bought is of good quality.


Surprisingly, most manufacturers and distributors in Spain are marketing sandwich panels without certifying the core or foam, an obligation of the European Union and in force in Spain since 2016. Having a certificate of the insulated foam shows the quality and reaction of the panel against fire, and each panel must have a classification of CS3D0 or BS3D0 as a minimum according to the 2014 standard. The classification guarantees that, in case of fire, it does not spread through the panel because some of the panel's insulation components are derivative of petroleum, causing deflagrations and very toxic fumes for humans that can cause asphyxiation: the Spanish legislation requires, in the event of a fire, the thermal insulation of the sandwich panel should not help the fire to spread and should even extinguish itself if the source of the fire is not present. All this is to avoid cases such as what occurred in the Pescanova factory or in the apartment building in England where a simple spark started a fire that is then impossible to stop.

Our sandwich panels are certified to meet or exceed the current fire regulations where a spark or a fire will not be a problem: it reassures you that you will not only enjoy the low price but also the benefit of having a panel that guarantees safeness for you and your beloved ones. Having a seal from external laboratories that certify the quality of the foam and give us the recognition of a Certified Product for use in industrial and residential environments.


Only with Panel Sandwich Group, you can enjoy an extended warranty of up to 25 years when purchasing a sandwich panel. This extended warranty of the 2 years of the European standard is extended up to 25 years of universal warranty to have the full confidence of acquiring a cover that not only will have all the certifications of product suitability for use, but we will guarantee that in addition to being manufactured with the best quality materials, we will have a guarantee on the structural damage that may occur in the sheet with the passage of time and the tranquility of a purchase that will exceed us in time. Ask your sales representative how to acquire this extended warranty and feel confident that you are acquiring the best and guaranteed in writing.


Meeting the quality standards required in foam, in Panel Sandwich Group, you can find different combinations of type and thickness of insulation (rock wool, polyurethane, polystyrene) as well as different thicknesses of coatings such as veneer, polyester, or wood of which the sandwich panel is composed. The combination of them is according to our needs and the project. Tell your salesperson what type of enclosure you want to do, and he will advise you on the best combination to make it a success and at the best price in the market.

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