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Five Ribs Sandwich Panel

This panel is ideal for develoment and remodeling on industrial and residential roofings. It is made up of 3 ridges that provide greater mechanical resistance to the roof.  

Type of PanelSandwich Panel 5 ribs
UsageOn roof for industrial, and residential áreas, and others.
Usable Width1000 mm
Foam typePolyurethane (PUR) / Poly-isocyanurate (PIR)
Foam Thickness30,40,50,60,80 and 100 mm
Manufacturing periodEvery 2 Week
StockTo be confirmed
Deliveryif in stock, immidiately
ColorsRed and white (other colors on request)
Interior sheet colorWhite
High resistanceHigh resistance
Visible screwVisible screw
Industrial useIndustrial use


Our Roof Sandwich 5 Ribs panel, is characterized for being one of the most resistant panel in the U.S market. Panel Sandwich Group has make great improvements over the year on this particular panel. This type of panel is ideal for roofing since is compose by 2 extra ridges making a total of 5 frets on it´s upper top sheet that gives a solid reinforcement on the surface. It´s outline and ridges top surface creates a mechanical resistance against wind, and snow, and also can support extra weight when placing solar panels on it´s top sheet.  It´s overall weight resistance it could be messured by weight per m2 in extrem conditions. The 5 frets Sandwich Panel is usually used when we have few support points or we want to sabe structture since it allows to spans the infractured support points further apart than the other options without lising its mechanical porperties.

The 5-fret Sandwich Panel, differs from others similar traditional ridge sheet panel, due to having a thermal insulation in between, made out of polyurethane foam, of which comes in different thickness.  The core thicknesses could be obtain in 30, and 60 mm, stander, but in case your development  poryect required more thickness on the foam, this could be manufactures on thickness of 80 and 100 mm.

In addition, we offer the option to manufacture the 5 Ribs Sandwich Panel in various color to choose from.  The most common is Pyrenean White RAL 1006, however, if you need a specific or corporate color for your roof we also have other designs such as: Tile Red RAL 7001, Navarra Green RAL 3000, Lake Blue RAL 4000, Silver Metallic RAL 9006, Bidasoa Cream Real 2002.

Our 5-frets Sandwich Panel is different from the rest of traditional panels because it has slightly higher and wider ribs, which gives it up to 14% more resistance than others in the U.S.A market.  Although the insulation and durability are similar, the strength and safety margins are greater because it is specifically designed to withstand more weight per m² without increasing the cost of the product, just by making better use of the width of the sheet and outlining it where there is the greatest gain.

It includes a hermetic seal between it´s overlap joints ends that makes it watertight and condensation proof, when it is assemblying.  This hermetic seal on it´s joint is key to avoid problems and to ensure that the most resistant insulated roof panel on the united States market fulfils its function: to insulate us from water and exreme temperatures, increasing the load resistance of the panel.

Technical Information

Main characteristics of Five Ribs Sandwich Panel

Metal Sheet Thickness30,40,50,60,80 and 100 mm ( 2 mm)
Averge Foam density 40 kg/m3 (2 kg/m3)
Useble width1000mm (2 mm)
Cut-angle0 mm (0.006*w nominal width)
Straightness0 mm (1 mm/m max 5 mm)
Shrinkage or downturn0 mm (2 mm/m max 10 mm)
Panels per standard packaging16 / 14 / 12 units
Min length1000 mm ( 5 mm)
Max length16 000 mm (19 mm) truck delivery comfirmation
Reaction to fire PUR-UNE 13501-1B-S3-D0 (30 mm) / C-S3-D0 (>30 mm)

*The values shown are approximate. For more information, please contact our sales representatives.

The technical data of the panel are average values obtained in different tests on 5 Ribs Panel.  Depending on the type of panel thickness and steel, there may be some changes.  In any case, they have been verified and exceed the usual quality standard in the U.S. market.

Thermal Insulation and wieght

Panel Thickness
Thermal Transmission
(coeficient on K over W/m2k)
30 0.688.46 
40 0.538.86 
50 0.439.26 
60 0.369.66 

*The values shown are approximate. For more information, please contact our sales representatives.

The weight of the panel correspond to sheet thickness of 0.5/0.5 mm. The insulation of the 5 Ribs Sandwich panel is manufactured in 4 different standard thinkness base on polyurethane that makes a great thermal insulation capacity. However, under request and conditions, it is possible to manufacture the foam thickness in 80 and 100 mm.

Panel´s weight resistance according to distance


*The values shown are approximate. For more information, please contact our sales representatives.

Example of specific case of load or resistance table for the 5 Ribs Sandwich Panel, in 50mm with 2 or more support points. With sheet thickness 0.5/0.5 mm. The values of the table dependo n the thickness of the polyurethane and the thickness of the sheet used. The values are common in the installation of the Sandwich Panel on a roof, when they are moving through the roof during the assembly of the same. For more information or specific resistance tables according to the configuration of the panel, you can request it to your sales representative.


The 5 Ribs Sandwich Roofing panel is composed by two sheets of top quality, and laquared on galvanized steel, the outline protect the insulating core that is injected of polyurethane material, base on 40 kg / m3. This composition gives the panel excellent qualities: excellent thermal insulation that allows the regulation of internal and external temparatures, resistance due to it´s ridges and great quality of the steel, protects against humidity and leaks, for a long durability, without the need for major maintance cost.

The main difference between the 5 frets sandwich panel and others sndwich panels, is its strong outline: as it has two more ridges than the 3 ribs panel, which can support greater loads without forcing the exterior sheets, but always contemplating the distances of the metal, wood or concrete structure between the panel´s support points.

The 5 ridges sandwich panel that we manufacure in our facilities adapts to all kinds of designs and needs. You can consult at any time with our sales representatives and they will recommend the best fit for your project. For example, you can choose between various thicknesses of polyurathane foam that will adjust the thermal insulation to the maximum needs. We have thicknesses between 30 and 50 mm, which are our most common for all types of contruction. However, on request we can manufacture higher thicknesses, up to 100 mm reserved for specific projects.

The assembly of the 5 Ribs Sandwich Roofing Panel is extremely simple: the panels overlap each other thanks to a system of wings and are fastened to the structure with self-drilling screws that incorpórate a special cappellotti or washer with neoprene gasket that prevents water filtration. Thanks to its assemble process and compasition, a panel with 5 frets has been obtained with a total resistance above any other. It is especially used for large industrial works and reduces labor costs to the maximum.

Like all or panels, the 5 Ribs Sandwich Panel has been subjected to the tests required by current Spanish regulations on reaction to fire, with results that exeed national and European requierments. The fire performance of these panels is classified as C S3 D0 due to their polyurethane insulating core, which accounts for the execelent insulation.

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