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Metal Tile Sandwich Panel

Type of PanelSlim Roof Tile Sandwich Panel
UsesResidential and industrial use and other
Average Width1.000 mm
InsulationPolyurethane (PUR)
Nominal Thickness25 mm
StockTo be confirmed
Exterior ColorsRed Tile

Red Tile

Aged Albero

Aged Albero

Slate Grey

Slate Grey

High estheticsHigh esthetics
Low priceLow price
Residential useResidential use


The Slim Roof Tile Sandwich Panel is an excellent solution for housing rehabilitation works, historical constructions or for those projects where aesthetics and lightness at an economical price are a priority.

This type of Tile Sandwich Panel is composed of a pre-lacquered steel sheet on the upper or outer part and a thin layer of embossed aluminum on the lower or inner part.

This constructive solution offers the highest level of customization, because at Panel Sandwich Group we offer each client the possibility of choosing between different colors, as well as special finishes and coatings.

The Roof Tile Sandwich Panel has the following advantages:

  • They are fixed directly on the structure, providing great security on it.
  • Excellent levels of thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • It offers maximum performance with minimum weight.
  • They stand out for their lightness and provide waterproofing to roofs.
  • Easy installation.

Technical Information

Main characteristics of Metal Tile Sandwich Panel

Nominal Thickness25 mm
Average foam density40 kg/m3
Usable width1.000 mm
Minimum Length2.000 mm
Maximum Length10.000 mm
Thermal conductivity coefficient (λ)0,023 W/mK (PUR)
Thermal transmission coefficient (W/m2K)0,79 (PUR)

*The values shown are approximate. For more information, please contact our sales representatives.

The technical data of the panel are average values obtained in different tests on the Slim Roof Tile Sandwich Panel. Depending on the type of panel thickness and steel, there may be some changes. In any case, they have been verified and exceed the usual quality standards in the market.




*The values shown are approximate. For more information, please contact our sales representatives.

Specific example of a load or resistance table for a 25 mm core Slim Tile Panel with 2 or more support points. The values of the table depend on the thickness of the polyurethane and the thickness of the sheets used. The values are those that comply as a minimum, having point loads that support more than shown. These point loads are common in the installation of the Catillian Tile Sandwich Panel in a roof, when they are moving through it when assembling it. For more information or specific resistance tables according to the configuration of the panel, you can request it to your sales representative.


This is a roof panel with an exterior sheet in imitation Spanish tile and an insulating core of high density PUR foams. It is a sandwich panel with an outstanding aesthetic finish, as well as high mechanical strength and high thermal insulation.

The installation is very simple, as one panel overlaps the next and is screwed directly to the structure (wood, concrete, metal),which makes them walkable and gives a great fixation. This reduces costs to obtain a spectacular result.

Datasheets Metal Tile Sandwich Panel


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