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Insulated Wall Panel

Insulated Wall Panel

We manufacture all types of Insulated Wall Panels on the market, being leaders in the commercialization of the sidings panels or exterior facades panels, with visible screws or sectorization due to their low price.


Here you will find a variety of sandwich panels for sidings available in the market adapted to all types of needs that may arise. For all constructions where you need a higher level of attractiveness and aesthetics, we also have sandwich siding panels smooth or with hidden fixings. We manufacture this type of panel 3 weeks a month, having a manufacturing line almost exclusively for the siding panel.


Insulated Wall Panels for siding or exterior and interior facades

The sandwich panel for sidings is optimized for the construction of walls in agricultural, residential, or industrial facilities. Our panels for sidings are one of the models that have evolved the most in recent years. Currently, we manufacture models with avant-garde designs such as the architectural panel or smooth facade panel, which guarantees a differential aesthetic compared to the first finishes of the insulated panels with visible screws. These designs are perfect for achieving an elegant and detailed finish, as they allow for hiding the fixings used during installation. In our catalog, we have an extensive variety of insulated wall panels designs.

We work based on the latest technological advances in the market, offering optimal results. We subject our products to the most demanding quality tests to manufacture durable and resistant moldings.

Buying sandwich panels for sidings or exterior or interior facades

The sandwich panel for sidings is one of the most demanded products on the market, due to its versatility.

  • The Facade Molding with visible screws (or interior facades) is more recommended for places where a quick and cheap installation is sought, such as an office or sectorization cladding.
  • The Facade Panel with hidden screws (or exterior facade) is installed in places where the aesthetic finish prevails, such as shopping centers, schools, or industrial warehouses.
  • The Flat Architectual Panel is usually installed in places where an ellegant finish are required. This kind of panel is similar to the Exterior Façade Panel because in both cases the screws are hidden but, the main difference is that the Architectual Panel has a high ending finishes due to the flat exterior surface.

Why choose our sandwich panel for siding or exterior and interior facades?

Our Insulated Wall Panels are manufactured with very strong metal surfaces, with thicknesses that range between 0.4 and 0.6 mm. This thickness allows for protecting the inner core of foam, prolonging the useful life of the facade for longer and being a good solution as insulated panels for thermal and acoustic facades. The sandwich panels we manufacture have grooves or micro-ribs that provide greater security by increasing the stiffness of the surface and, therefore, the load resistance. In addition, the inner face of the plate can be manufactured with a smooth texture.

The installation of our facade moldings is done through a machining system. This method offers excellent protection, as it avoids thermal leaks, and moisture and reduces heat loss