Metal Sheet Panels

In Panel Sandwich Group, besides being leaders in the manufacture of Sandwich Panel at the best price, we also offer the best economic and aesthetic solutions at even lower prices. We have metal sheets of different heights and models with the possibility of choosing from an infinite number of finishes and colors.

Although its origin was initially industrial or for small projects, the truth is that with the arrival of new materials and innovations we have been able to develop different types of galvanized sheets that are used for homes, premises or office cladding as well as in shopping centers or large supermarkets.

Below, we present the most economical range preferred by our customers of our sheet metal models for roofs and facades to complement the assembly of sandwich panels and for all those projects that do not require high levels of insulation or protection.

Steel Sheet

Corrugated Sheet

False Polyester Ceiling

Miniwave Sheet Panel

Insulated Drop Ceiling made of Polyester

Sheet Ibiza Profile Siding 

Steel Sheet

Collaborative Sheet

False Polyester Ceiling

Self-Supporting Trays

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