Collaborative Sheet

Our Fretwork Sheet Metal allows you to create cheap enclosures where a high level of thermal insulation is not required.


Type of MaterialCollaborative sheet for decks
ModelsMt 60 / 76 / 100
Thickness0.70 / 0.80 / 0,70 / 1.00 / 1.20  mm
Manufacturing periodEvery 10 days
StockTo be confirmed


The collaborative sheet is born as the solution for mixed decks with concrete in works with two or more heights. It is a fretwork steel sheet of variable thickness and height of the frets that works as reinforcement and formwork providing resistance in the structure and replacing traditional tension reinforcements. The main advantage of our decks compared to other formworks is that it facilitates the process of concrete pouring even with fewer supports.

The collaborative deck is installed in all those projects with a metal structure, however, it is used in a wooden or concrete structure. One of its characteristics is that its frets present small indentations or profiling both on the top, bottom, and sides to improve adhesion to the concrete at the time of assembly.

At Panel Sandwich Group, we have a specific department where you can consult all possible doubts and specifications of the collaborative sheet with our best experts. In addition, to adapt to all customers, we offer the possibility to choose between different models of the Collaborative Deck:

We manufacture three models of Collaborative sheet: models 60, 76, and 100 mm. The versatility and strength of the Collaborative sheet are unmatched, regardless of the type of project in which it is installed. In all cases, a reduction in assembly and structure execution times is guaranteed. You can choose the thickness of the steel sheet up to 1.2 mm, the width of the joist between 820, 880, and 675 mm, and even the type of finish: keep the original finishes or, on request, choose the kind of galvanization.

Data Sheet

Principal characteristics of the Collaborative Sheet for deck

ModelsMT 60 / 76 / 100
Thickness0.80 / 1.00 / 1.20 mm
Useful width820 mm / 880 mm / 675 mm
Reaction to fire35 kg/m³ (± 2 kg/m³)

*This values are for informitive guidence only. For a more specific information, contact one or our sales representive.

MT Models and weight

MT 60Kg/m²

MT 76Kg/m²

MT 100Kg/m²

*This values are for informitive guidence only. For a more specific information, contact one or our sales representive.


The Collaborative sheet from Panel Sandwich Group is defined as a mixed deck of sheet and concrete with features that other similar materials can not even reach. The process for its installation and assembly is simple: This deck needs to be supported on straps, beams, or walls once supported, concrete is poured over the profile of the fretwork sheet that serves as formwork until it hardens. The Collaborative sheet will serve as a working platform allowing the concrete to pour on multiple floors at the same time and preventing the detachment of objects to the void.

The Collaborative sheet decks become competitive in all those environments and works in which the structures are metallic, however, at Panel Sandwich Group, we don’t close any doors, and they can be combined in projects with other types of structures. There are no limitations for the Collaborative sheets either in the field of the application or in the design. They have a specific design in which several ribs can be differentiated throughout the entire steel sheet allowing for better adhesion of the concrete and the inclusion of pipelines and other connections throughout the construction.

Its use has gained popularity in recent years due to its excellent versatility, and adaptability to all environments. In addition, it is a constructive and attractive solution at very competitive prices with the best quality. Some of the projects in which we have participated are in warehouses, industrial warehouses, office blocks, schools, hospitals, houses, or even small passages or bridges, reducing the assembly times to the maximum and making the most of the space with the need for fewer supports.

Our Collaborative sheet deck can be manufactured in three different types of frets height: 60, 76, and 100 mm, in such a way that you can choose the one that best adapts to your needs and those of your project. At Panel Sandwich Group, we have the best professionals who will advise and recommend the best material that will be adjusted to your project.

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