Sheet Ibiza Profile Siding

Our Ibiza Profile Siding allows you to create aesthetic facades with a modern finish at a reduced price.


Type of Sheet PanelIbiza Profile for siding
UsageFor industrial and residential areas.
Width1100 mm
Sheet Thickness0,50 / 0,60 / 0,70 / 0,80 / 1,00 / 1,20 mm
Manufacturing periodEvery 10 days
StockPer request
DeliveryAccording to stock
ColourRed, White, Grey, Green and Blue


The Ibiza Profile is a type of construction material specially designed for facades and walls of industrial or commercial environments in which it is necessary to achieve a very particular and careful aesthetic without having to resort to very high budgets. It’s installed on the construction and coating of industrial or office buildings with the advantage of offering a quick installation without treatments and an attractive finish, thanks to its particular folding. It delivers a modern architectural look for all walls and facades when installed horizontally and vertically. Even though the Ibiza Profile cannot match the thermal and acoustic insulation of the traditional Sandwich Panel because it lacks an insulating core. Its main qualities are the low price and the high adaptability capacity since it has several types of thicknesses and dimensions.

Do not hesitate to ask us about all the properties and characteristics of the Ibiza Profile or sheet metal for facades, so you will see why it has become an alternative for all works, large and small. You will get substantial savings derived from assembly costs, labor, etc. In Panel Sandwich Group, we manufacture custom Ibiza Profile Sheet metals according to customers’ needs and with an extended guarantee of quality and all the certificates required since 2018.

Data Sheet

Principal characteristics of the Ibiza Profile Sheet for siding

Sheet Metal Thickness0,50 / 0,60 / 0,70 / 0,80 / 0,90 / 1,00 / 1,20 mm 
Useful width1.100mm (± 2 mm)
Wave Pass202 mm (± 3 mm)
Folding Radius3 mm (± 2 mm)
Metal TypeS220GD or S320GD
Emissions No hazardous emissions
Min length1.600 mm (± 5 mm)
Max length14.000 mm (±19 mm) depending on transport
Reaction to fireA1 Class

*This values are for informitive guidence only. For a more specific information, contact one or our sales representive.

Thermal Insulation and weight

Panel SandwichInertia Linear Meter ProfileWeight
Panel thickness(I cm4/m)(Kg/m²)

*This values are for informitive guidence only.  For a more specific information, contact one or our sales representive.

Permissible loads according to distance between supports

Distance (m)Pressure (Kg)Suction (Kg)

*This values are for informitive guidence only. For a more specific information, contact one or our sales representive.


The Ibiza Profile consists of a high-quality pre-lacquered steel sheet with the possibility of being painted in several types of colors to choose from, depending on the project. The most characteristic of the Ibiza Profile is the marked fold of its plate since it allows it to provide the work with strong resistance against all types of external elements; in addition, this makes a vast difference in its aesthetic compared to the rest of the construction materials. This type of sheet metal for facades guarantees perfect performance in industrial environments, with constant activity, commercial and even in residential areas with high aesthetic requirements.

Our Ibiza Profile Steel Plates are built as follows: approximately 1.2 mm thickness and a standard width of 1010 mm. In addition, being manufacturers by Panel Sandwich Group, we can develop it in several lengths with a maximum of 14 meters. In addition, to obtain more specific benefits, we offer the possibility of drilling and pre-lacquering the metal sheets.

In addition, this solution allows quick and easy assembly, which substantially reduces the complicated installation of other construction materials with a similar finish. Following its image carefully, we have a wide range of colors and finishes to achieve the results required by our clients; many of our clients install the Ibiza profile in their corporate colors to save further treatments. As it is a material so close to customer preferences, we recommend contacting our sales team to receive more information about availability and manufacturing deadlines.

The Ibiza Profile has a waterfall-shaped profile that allows overlap when assembled between sheets so that architectural facade appearance can be quickly and effectively obtained. In addition, thanks to the coupling method, the enclosures are safe, watertight, and waterproofed, as the risks of leakage, humidity, or condensation are highly reduced. The folding not only improves the strength and mechanical strength of these façade plates but also ensures safe and quality assembly. To finish fixing these profiled sheets to the structure it is necessary to use appropriate materials

Accessories and Endings


The butyl roll is the most recommended complement for the installation of the Sandwich Panel or simple sheet. It is an adhesive that is placed between joints and allows them to fit perfectly without the possibility of leaks. 50 year warranty!

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