Fretwork Sheet Metal

Our Fretwork Sheet Metal allows you to create cheap enclosures where a high level of thermal insulation is not required.


Type of Sheet PanelSheet metal for roofs or sidings
UsageCreation or renovation of roofs in industrial, residential and other uses
Models32, 42 and 52 mm
Width895 mm / 1000 mm
Sheet Thickness0,50 / 0,60 / 0,70 / 0,80 / 1,00 / 1,20 mm
Manufacturing periodEvery 10 days
StockPer request
DeliveryAccording to stock
ColourRed and White (other color on request)


The Fretwork Sheet Metal or simple sheet is our ideal solution for low-cost roof covering that does not need high levels of thermal insulation. If you are looking to make sheet metal enclosures, we recommend our wide range of profiled sheets with three types of models: 32, 42, and 52 mm fretwork sheets, the first of them being the most economical and usual. In Panel Sandwich Group, we manufacture fretwork sheet metal with galvanized and pre-lacquered steel in variable thicknesses from 0.5 to 1.20 mm.

The fretwork or profiled sheet metal lack an insulating polyurethane core inside, therefore, the thermal insulation they offer cannot be compared with the rest of the sandwich panels. However, despite being installed for steel roofs or sidings without internal layers, the truth is that their use is for simple projects with lower levels of demand. Three of the main features of the simple sheet are low price adapted to all budgets; Easy handling, transport, and installation and finally, a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from.

The 32mm fretwork sheet is outlined in 0.5mm as standard as the cheapest solution when the support points are closed or it is a rehabilitation of a uralite cover with asbestos. Normally in these cases, the belts or support points are very close and do not require a thicker sheet to guarantee its resistance. Consult with our sales representative about all the possibilities of the fretwork sheet metal at the best price.

Data Sheet

Principal characteristics of the Ibiza Profile Sheet for siding

Sheet Metal Thickness0,50 / 0,60 / 0,70 / 0,80 / 1,00 / 1,20 mm
Height of the fret32,42,55 mm
Useful width895 / 1.100mm (± 2 mm)
Emissions No hazardous emissions
Min length1.600 mm (± 5 mm)
Max length14.000 mm (±19 mm) depending on transport
Reaction to fireA1 Class

*This values are for informitive guidence only. For a more specific information, contact one or our sales representive.

Thermal Insulation and weight

Metal SheetInertia Linear Meter ProfileWeight
Thickness(I cm4/m)(Kg/m²)

*This values are for informitive guidence only.  For a more specific information, contact one or our sales representive.

Permissible loads according to distance between supports

Metal Sheet Distance (m)
Thickness (mm)1,001,25

*This values are for informitive guidence only. For a more specific information, contact one or our sales representive.


Panel Sandwich Group fretwork sheet metal is used for both roofs and sidings and is made up of top-quality galvanized and pre-lacquered steels, complying with all the standards required by construction materials since 2018. Although, its isolation is not matched against the conventional sandwich panel. The truth is that these levels of protection are variable depending on the height of the fret. Being manufacturers, we can develop several models depending on the needs of customers: with fretworks sheets from 32, 42, and 52 mm, 32mm, being the most common. Its installation has become popular in recent years for those low-cost projects that do not need high performance but with an exceptional aesthetic finish.

To further customize its outlook, we can manufacture the fretwork sheet in several thicknesses, including a fork of 0.50 and 1.20 mm. Its useful width is 1,000 mm, and its maximum length is up to 14 meters. In addition to galvanizing, we also offer aluzinc and pre-lacquered finishes, as well as a great diversity of colors in our catalog for the aesthetic and corporate finish you need. To check the availability of each finish, you can consult our sales representatives and benefit from our wholesale price.

In Panel Sandwich Group, you will find the profiled sheets for roofs and sidings with an innovative assembly system since it allows for reducing the maximum costs of installation and labor. Should be aware of the wheelbases of the structure and the support points to guarantee the correct assembly. By having this fretwork, the union between different plates is a simple task since we can overlap one with another, screwing directly with the self-drilling screws provided in each order. If this process is done correctly, the fretwork sheets in your project will have a long useful life without the need for expensive treatments or maintenance. And, of course, you will have the best guarantees of up to 3 years.

The 32, 42, and 52 mm fretwork sheet metal have a fire classification as non-combustible (A1) and, in addition, there are no emissions or hazardous substances in contact with the flame. A performance test at the principals’ national institutes was done in which they give faith in the product’s performance against fire that they endorse it. In Panel Sandwich Group, you will only find top-quality sandwich panels with the best thermal insulation and wholesale prices.

Accessories and Endings


The butyl roll is the most recommended complement for the installation of the Sandwich Panel or simple sheet. It is an adhesive that is placed between joints and allows them to fit perfectly without the possibility of leaks. 50 year warranty!

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