The rock wool panel provides a substantial improvement over the rest of the sandwich sheets, whose behavior in the presence of fire is very limited by its insulating core of rigid polyurethane or polystyrene foams. These materials burn in case of fire, so we have developed a specific response for those cases that need specific protection in these situations. The rock wool panel does not combust in contact with the flame, but can resist up to 120 minutes without letting the fire pass, preserving its structural properties at all times. This security is achieved with the same simple assembly of the rest of covers for roofs of sandwich sheet and insulating sandwich panels for facades: the plates have a lacing system that facilitates the union between the sandwich plates and is screwed directly to the structure, thus ensuring a protection against extraordinary fire that remains constant during the long life of the sandwich panels. Therefore, rock wool has been replacing other fire measures that have a higher price Sandwich Panel.

Acoustic Rock Wool Roof Sandwich Panel

Acoustic Rock Wool Facade Sandwich Panel 

Fireproof Rock Wool Roof Sandwich Panel

Fireproof Rock Wool Facade Sandwich Panel

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