Acoustic Rock Wool Roof Sandwich Panel

Acoustic Rock Wool Roof Sandwich Panel

THICKNESS: 30 to 200 mm insulation.

COLOURS: Red, White, Green outside, and white or wood inside.

  • Absorbs sound and isolates it, preventing echo, reverberation, and sound bounce.
  • Provides standard roof insulation against any weather: rain, wind, heat and cold.
  • It is used for sporting venues and music venues such as bars and clubs, concerts, celebrations, etc.

Industrial use

Fire resistance

Acoustic isolation

Characteristics of Acoustic Rock Wool Cover Sandwich Panel

The Acoustic Roof Sandwich Panel  with rock wool core is composed of an insulating core of this material protected by two steel plates, microperforated inside and profiled outside. In this way, the design of the lower plate avoids reverberations and enhances the insulation sound  of the rock wool, while the outer plate provides greater resistance to the roof for sandwich sheet roofs, so that it can withstand impacts and loads without suffering damage. This rock wool panel has been optimized during its manufacturing process to maximize its qualities: the mineral fibers are arranged orthogonally and are compacted, ensuring exceptional protection.

These roofs for sandwich panel can be installed in a wide variety of environments, taking advantage of the characteristics of the rock wool panel to improve the properties of the rest of roofing sheets. For this, we offer Roof Sandwich Panel of various thicknesses: 50, 60, 80, 100, 120 mm. In the wider thicknesses we can provide a reduction of up to 35 decibels, although this value is subject to other variables. For this reason, we always recommend consulting our commercial team for the availability and characteristics of each sandwich plate.

In addition to the exceptional technical characteristics and low price of the Acoustic Sandwich Panel, its easy assembly is an important advantage for our customers. The soundproofing of any building or premises is a complex task, which has been greatly reduced thanks to the simple installation of covers for sandwich sheet roofs: the overlap system ensures the correct union of the plates while preventing thermal leaks. In addition, the hardware we serve in each order reinforces the protection against leaks and humidity, ensuring maximum performance of the sandwich roof during the long service life of the installation.

These sandwich sheet roofs not only provide high acoustic soundproofing but also stand out for their resistance to impacts and continuous loads. This is possible thanks to the strong fret of the Sandwich Panels, which gives special strength to the structure. Another very appreciated feature of the rock wool panel is its high protection against fire, much higher than that of other materials since it does not participate in combustion or let the flame pass through; in the greater thicknesses, these roofing sheets retain their structural guarantee up to 120 minutes. Such resistance is typical of other construction materials that are much more expensive and complicated to install than the rock wool panel, which is why our customers increasingly take advantage of this Sandwich Panel of m² price for a wide variety of projects.

As required by current regulations, our Acoustic Rock Wool Cover Sandwich Panel has all the necessary quality certificates, guaranteeing values ​​that meet or even exceed the requirements of the European framework. Many of these characteristics depend on the dimensions of the rock wool panel, so we recommend consulting our sales representatives for these parameters and thus enjoy maximum performance at the best price of the Acoustic Sandwich Panel.

Technical Data of Acoustic Rock Wool Roof Sandwich

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m² for Acoustic Rock Wool Cover Sandwich Panel:

Table of thermal insulation values for Acoustic Rock Wool Cover Sandwich Panel:

Sandwich Panel Installation Process

The excellent acoustic insulation provided by the Acoustic Roof Sandwich Panel with Rock Wool core has made it one of the most used building materials to soundproof any type of room, from industrial warehouses to discotheques or urbanizations. Its technical features are an advantage over other materials, in addition to the easy assembly of this Sandwich Panel at a very low price. Therefore, when we talk about saving for the customer, we should not only think about the costs of roofing sheets but also the installation process: labor, machinery rental, activity conditions, licenses and permits are some of the advantages that the sandwich sheets in front of other covers for acoustic roofs.

The consolidated leadership position exercised by PANEL SANDWICH GROUP in the sector has allowed us to participate in a long series of projects all over Spain and Latin America; we have been able to satisfy our customers thanks to the excellent properties and good price of the Acoustic Sandwich Panel in all types of installations. For example, a very common case is the construction or reform of industrial buildings and similar places that need to improve soundproofing; in these cases, the renovation of single-sheet roofs that are so abundant is used to offer specific and quality protection at very low costs. The easy assembly of the sandwich sheets allows installing the acoustic panel while removing the old roof plates, obtaining a spectacular result with a very agile construction.

But Acoustic Sandwich Panels are not only installed in industrial environments, but residential buildings can also benefit from their excellent features. During the last years we have provided sandwich covers with acoustic soundproofing rock wool panel for different residential areas a that protect the community noise levels. This is especially important in those cases where certain rooms are going to be used for noisy activities, such as bars or workshops. Always with the guarantee of the best price, the Acoustic Cover Sandwich Panel can considerably reduce the inconvenience caused by these works and thus enjoy a higher quality of life.

However, this performance can only be guaranteed by working with good quality sandwich sheets, whose behavior is stable over time. We can find offers from other manufacturers with Sandwich Panel second hand that have much lower prices, but suppose a major threat to the safety of the installation. The small scratches and dents of these roofing sheets may seem simple aesthetic damage but they quickly deteriorate the sandwich cover, drastically reducing their sound insulation. Occasionally, we have come to see how the lower sheet of the structure to which it was fixed came off, causing serious material and personal damage. The easiest way to avoid these accidents is to check the quality of our Sandwich Panel at the right price m², amortized more than ever thanks to its longevity.

Accessories and endings

The performance that provides the best price Acoustic Rock Wool Cover Sandwich Panel can be guaranteed for a long time by installing the appropriate finishes and accessories. For example, in roofs made of sandwich sheet, the insulating core is usually exposed on the front or along the panel; In these cases it is recommended to install front and side finials respectively to avoid rapid deterioration. If the lateral one dies against a wall, we also have a specific finish that covers this joint avoiding humidity.

Another very delicate point in the encounter between the two waters of a sandwich cover, since in the union between the plates for roofs filtrations can take place or even get to nest the birds, ruining the panel rock wool. To avoid this, we provide a ridge cap with an adaptable fall angle and its ends are cut to the frets of the sandwich plate. If the ridge part of a wall, in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP we also offer top ridge to wall that covers this point in particular.

The water channel auction reduces the inconvenience caused by rainfall, collecting the rains to evacuate them separately. Finally, we can not forget the importance of the specific hardware we serve for each order; According to the characteristics of the project, an additional washer is also provided to guarantee the maximum protection of the Sandwich Panel at the most adjusted m² price.

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