Acoustic Rock Wool Facade Sandwich Panel 


THICKNESS: 30 to 100 mm of insulation.
COLOURS: White, Red and Green outside, and White inside.
  • Offers maximum soundproofing, insulation and sound absorption especially as protection against noise.
  • Micro-perforated surface prevents reverberations and facilitates noise absorption.
  • Acoustic insulation material most used and demanded for industrial buildings with noisy activities, workshops, acoustic barriers for roads and highways, etc.
Industrial use
Fire resistance
Acoustic isolation

Characteristics of Acoustic Rock Wool Facade Sandwich Panel


 The Acoustic Facade Sandwich Panel has a core of rock wool that provides a high sound insulation, protected by two sheets of galvanized and pre-lacquered steel that not only protect the core from external aggressions but also enhance the qualities of this sandwich sheet: the inner sheet  is micro-perforated to avoid reverberations in the room and to enhance sound absorption of the rock wool panel. The own manufacture of the core  is also designed for this purpose: the mineral fibers are arranged orthogonally with respect to the sheet and then they are compacted to achieve a monolithic block that absorbs noise. Thanks to its composition, the rock wool panel provides extraordinary performance with a Sandwich Panel of m2 price much lower than the other alternatives that provide similar protection.

Our extensive experience has allowed us to participate in a wide variety of projects spread throughout Spain and Latin America, always with the guarantee of the highest quality at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP. Adapted to diversity of constructions, we manufacture different rock wool panel models according to the needs of each client. On the one hand, we can choose the most suitable level of soundproofing by regulating the thickness of the sandwich sheet in 50, 80 and 100 mm, reducing noise levels by up to 35 decibels, thus providing suitable solutions for both nightclubs and factories and urbanizations and sound barriers on highways. On the other hand, depending on the characteristics of the project, we can also choose between a visible and hidden facade panel. In the last case it depends on the preferences of the client and the finish you want to print to the installation, providing the best price of the Acoustic Sandwich Panel.

The easy assembly of the Sandwich Panel at the tightest m2 price allows you to enjoy the qualities of this sandwich plate with an important saving in the budget. The rock wool panel is designed to ensure excellent soundproofing with a very simple installation, thus reducing costs derived from it such as labor, machinery rental, additional treatments, maintenance operations, licenses and permits, etc. A long list that is reduced thanks to the tongue and groove of the facade panel, a system that facilitates the fitting of the Sandwich Panels and enhances their performance, avoiding thermal leaks or  humidity that can damage the insulating core and reduce its useful life. The rest of the façade panels can not provide a similar soundproofing, which is why it is increasingly used by all types of customers in works with very different characteristics.

The rock wool panel can be adapted to these particular needs thanks to its excellent technical characteristics, ensuring adequate performance for each project. The outer panel of the facade panel is micronerved to provide special strength and resistance to the structure, resisting both on the façade panel of industrial buildings or discotheques and sound barriers on motorways and urbanizations. In each of these cases an extraordinary performance can be guaranteed thanks to the possibilities that this sandwich plate allows at the lowest price on the market.

The performance of these Sandwich Panels has been tested in independent bodies with tests carried out based on current regulations, yielding values ​​that equal or even exceed the levels established in the European framework. Many of these characteristics are subject to the thickness of the rock wool panel or its dimensions, while others depend on the insulating core.

This is the case of the resistance to fire, rated as A S2 B0, equivalent to the previous level M0, due to its insulating core composed of rock wool. This means that the sandwich plate does not burn in contact with the fire; in fact, thick plates are guaranteed for up to 180 minutes while retaining their structural properties.

Technical Data of Acoustic Rock Wool Facade Sandwich Panel

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m2 for Acoustic Rock Wool Facade Sandwich Panel:

Table of thermal insulation values for Acoustic Rock Wool Facade Sandwich Panel:

Sandwich Panel Installation Process


The soundproofing that provides the Acoustic Sandwich Panel is far superior to that of other plates for facades used in the construction of industrial buildings and other places. This sound insulation is possible thanks to the core of the rock wool panel, whose important sound-absorbing qualities have extended their installation in projects of very different characteristics, taking advantage of the savings that this Sandwich Panel provides at the tightest m2 price.

When implanted in a great variety of works and reforms, we have been able to verify the excellent performance of the acoustic rock wool panel in front of completely different situations. For example, many of our customers install this facade panel to soundproof factories and workshops quickly. In fact, the construction of these spaces is often used to provide sound isolation and reduce the costs that additional treatments would entail. Thanks to the characteristics of these sandwich sheets, it can be installed both for indoor and outdoor sectorization; The outer micro-profiling resists external forces that can compromise the strength of the structure. The interior divisions of acoustic rock wool panel provide acoustic soundproofing in very specific spaces, so our customers use it to compartmentalize production lines and other noisy spaces from the rest of the building, being able to dedicate themselves to low cost offices thanks to the excellent Sandwich Panel characteristics at m2 price.

The benefits of the rock wool panel also allow its installation in other environments, also widespread in our country. This is the case of noise barriers on highways and roads, which reduce the level of noise that reaches nearby buildings. Thanks to the tongue and groove system and the solidity of the facade panel, it can resist external aggressions that put in check the performance of the sandwich sheet, underlining the excellent features we offer at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

The facade panel with rock wool core is also very demanded by our clients to close developments and residences, so that a resistant separation is established with a very simple installation. In this way, the client assumes in a single work the sectorization of these spaces and their soundproofing, thus reducing the budget involved in these works and the construction periods.

Being such a demanding installation, it is essential to work with top quality materials that ensure an adequate performance to these particular needs. Therefore, we only work with premium products unlike other manufacturers; The second-hand Sandwich Panel offers a very poor soundproofing that can lead to serious damage to the installation. The small scratches and dents that may seem simple aesthetic defects imply a rapid deterioration of the sandwich sheets, even getting rid of the structure to which they were subject. To avoid these accidents and ensure maximum performance, we only recommend the highest quality at the best price of PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

Accessories and enfings


To ensure maximum performance in the installation of the Acoustic Sandwich Panel with rock wool core we recommend also having the auctions that we offer at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP. These finishes facilitate the assembly of the façade panel, such as the U-shaped finial that acts as a rail on which to mount the sandwich sheets or the corner finishes, which are bolted to the 90° encounter between two Sandwich Panels. Thanks to these simple elements, the structure is reinforced and movements and filtrations that significantly reduce the performance of the rock wool panel are avoided.

Finally, we can not forget the importance of the specific fasteners that we use with each request for an acoustic façade panel, for fixing on a metal structure and, on request, on laminated beam, wood and concrete.

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