Fireproof Rock Wool Roof Sandwich Panel

THICKNESS: 30 to 200 mm insulation.
COLOURS:  White, Red and Green outside, White inside.
  • Thanks to its multi-fiber structure, it offers excellent fire resistance.
  • It is made up of 5 frets on the outer face in such a way that it provides a great resistance.
  • All certificates of quality and fire resistance available to customers.
Industrial use
Fire resistance
Acoustic isolation

Characteristics of Fireproof Rock Wool Sandwich Roof


The Fireproof Rock Wool Roof Sandwich Panel incorporates two sheets of galvanized steel and pre-lacquered, inner micronerved and corrugated the outer, which protect an insulating core of rock wool. The manufacturing process of these sandwich sheets has been optimized to maximize the fire resistance of the rock wool: these mineral fibers are distributed orthogonally with respect to the sandwich plate to be compacted later, resulting in a monolithic flame retardant block. Unlike roofs made of sandwich sheet metal with a polyurethane core, the rock wool panel does not combust but isolates the fire for long periods of time.

In order to obtain the adequate protection for each project always at the best price, PANEL SANDWICH GROUP offers different thicknesses in rock wool panel: fireproof sandwich covers of 50, 80 and 100 mm respectively provide a resistance to fire of 30, 60 and 120 minutes guaranteeing its structural properties. In this way, each building achieves an adequate insulation to its characteristics with this Sandwich Panel and m2 price much lower than the other alternatives that provide this level of security.

The sandwich covers with fire-resistant rock wool panel provide extraordinary resistance to fire with a very simple installation, similar to the rest of covers for sandwich sheet. These roof plates have an overlap system that ensures the correct union between the plates while preventing possible leaks and humidity that would damage the insulating core of the Sandwich Panels. This protection is also guaranteed with the self-drilling screws besides we can provide cappellotti or special washer with neoprene gasket to improve the waterproofing of the sandwich sheets.

The outer face of the sandwich panel with rock wool incorporates a strong fret that brings great strength to the structure, protecting against sustained forces or loads that do not damage the sandwich sheet or the structure on which it rests. These frets have also been filled with profiled rock wool strips to preserve their exceptional fire behavior, guaranteeing their great performance throughout the long life of the roofing sheets.

The fire behavior of the sandwich cover with rock wool panel is cataloged as REI 30, 60 and 120 for the Sandwich Panels of 50, 80 and 100 mm respectively. These values ​​reflect the mechanical resistance, impermeability to gases and thermal insulation of each of the sandwich sheets. These official certificates are an important measure to ensure the correct performance of the rock wool panel. Our covers for fireproof sandwich sheet  also have a fire resistance certificate A S2 B0, the previous M0. These values ​​are the result of rigorous tests carried out by official bodies, collected in documents written in our country according to current regulations. Other manufacturers of Sandwich Panel give lower price m2 but do not offer these certificates, so the client does not have any guarantee of the performance of the rock wool panel.

Technical Data of Fireproof Rock Wool Sandwich Roof

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m2 for Fireproof Rock Wool Cover Sandwich Panel:

Table of thermal insulation values for Fireproof Rock Wool Cover Sandwich Panel:

Sandwich Panel Installation Process


The excellent protection against fire offered by the rock wool panel with a very simple installation represents an important saving compared to other roofing sheets that can not match their strength. Therefore, more and more customers install these covers for fireproof in a wide variety of projects with very different characteristics, enjoying an important saving that adds to the low price of Rock Wool Cover Sandwich Panel.

Throughout our long career, at PANEL SANDWICH GROUP we have participated in projects with very different characteristics spread throughout Spain and Latin America that have tested the possibilities of the rock wool panel. For example, we have provided sandwich sheets to protect boiler rooms and tanks in all types of buildings: shopping centers, offices, houses, public administration buildings, etc. In all these cases an extraordinary protection against fire is guaranteed with very low costs, thanks to the easy installation of Sandwich Panels with rock wool core. In this way, our customers have the maximum security while reducing the costs derived from these works thanks to the benefits and low price of Rock Wool Sandwich Panel.

This protection is also very valuable in industrial buildings, logistics centers and other similar buildings, ensuring thermal insulation appropriate to the characteristics of these projects. For example, fireproof  rock wool sandwich Panels are used to protect stores of flammable substances or protect against working areas where fire can be generated, thus preventing the fire from spreading. This protection equals or even exceeds the performance of other construction materials used to achieve this level of protection, more expensive than this Panel Sandwich m2 price very tight.

The assembly of the Fireproof Rock Wool Sandwich Panel is as simple as the rest of roofing sheets, so many customers perform the installation by themselves and thus reduce the costs arising from a work of these characteristics. Unlike other alternatives that offer this level of protection, the rock wool panel is screwed directly to the structure and does not need additional treatments to ensure maximum resistance both in case of fire and against impacts and loads that can force other covers for simple sheet metal roofs.

To ensure this protection at the best price, at PANEL SANDWICH GROUP we only work with top quality materials. Other manufacturers give Sandwich Panel Second Hand guaranteeing that they offer the same performance of the first rock wool panel, but the small damages that these materials have quickly degrade the sandwich sheet, also deteriorating its resistance in case of fire. Therefore, we only offer our customers the best price in Sandwich Panel of first quality, whose high performance for extended periods of time is an important saving compared to other alternatives and Panel Sandwich second hand.

Accessories and endings


The characteristics of the rock wool panel for sandwich cover can be enhanced with the accessories and finishes that we offer at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP. Many times, in the installation of these roofing sheets, their insulating rock wool core can be exposed to dampness and leaks, as well as other external factors. This is the case of the frontal and lateral finish, which cover the rock wool when it is uncovered in the front and the length of the sandwich cover, respectively.

In the case of the covers for roofs of sandwich sheet to two waters, a specific auction is needed that covers this encounter; Leaks and humidity damage the rock wool or even reach the interior of the building, or they can nest the birds causing serious damage. The ridge cap to two waters covers this union, while the ridge cap to the wall performs the same function in the sandwich covers that start from an adjacent wall.

We can not forget the important work done by the auction of the water channel, collecting the rainfall to avoid annoying water curtains that difficult the activity in the building. It is also crucial the screws for metal structure that ensures the correct fixing of the rock wool panel sandwich cover on metal structure and, on request, for laminated beam, wood and concrete.

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