Hidden Screw Facade Sandwich Panel

Fireproof Rock Wool Facade Sandwich Panel

THICKNESS: From 50 to 200 mm.

COLOURS: White outside, and White inside.

  • Its interior is filled with natural Rock Wool fibers perpendicular to the sheet metal that increase its mechanical and fireproof resistance.

Industrial use

Fire resistance

Acoustic isolation

Characteristics os Fireproof Rock Wool Facade Sandwich Panel

The Fireproof Facade Sandwich Panel features an insulating core of rock wool, responsible for fire resistance, protected by two sheets of galvanized steel, pre-lacquered and micronerved to provide great strength to the structure. From the manufacturing process of the sandwich sheet itself, its properties have been optimized to ensure exceptional performance in case of fire. The mineral fibers of the insulating core, arranged orthogonally to the sheet, are compacted to obtain monolithic Sandwich Panels. In this way, maximum performance is ensured at the best price of Facade Sandwich Panel  in all types of facilities.

In PANEL SANDWICH GROUP we manufacture different sandwich sheets to adapt to the characteristics of each project, offering a solution adapted to each case. On the one hand, we can choose a facade panel with visible or hidden fasteners, depending on the aesthetic finish we look for in our installation. In addition, we can also choose between a wide range of thicknesses to adjust the resistance that we need; 50, 80 and 100 mm thick rock wool panel provides respectively 30, 60 and 120 minutes of resistance to fire, ensuring its structural properties. The rest of the facade panels can not guarantee the same protection as this Sandwich Panel with so adjusted m² price.

The easy assembly of the rock wool panel ensures extraordinary protection, reducing costs significantly, compared to other insulation panels for facades. The tongue and groove system of this sandwich plate ensures a correct union of the plates, thus avoiding thermal leaks and humidty, but also facilitates the work of the operators to quickly cover large areas. Depending on the facade panel chosen, the head of the screws used will be visible or covered by the insertion of the sandwich sheets, thus creating a homogeneous finish. For this reason, our clients not only install rock wool panels in industrial warehouses, but they are increasingly incorporated into new projects taking advantage of the unbeatable price of the Fireproof Sandwich Panel  with Rock Wool core.

As required by current legislation, all our Sandwich Panels have the corresponding quality certificates so that our customers have a guarantee of the correct performance of the rock wool panel. This documentation reflects the benefits of this front panel, from its thermal insulation to the soundproofing it provides or the forces it can withstand without breaking; These values ​​come from rigorous tests carried out by official bodies in accordance with current regulations. In the case of fire behavior, the rock wool facade panel is classified as A S2 B0, equivalent to the previous M0 certificate, which means that it does not combust in contact with the fire. This is a first level qualification, that very few construction materials can match the price of the Flame Retardant Sandwich Panel, so it is increasingly installed in a variety of projects with very different characteristics.

Technical Data of Fireproof Rock Wool Facade Sandwich Panel

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m² for Fireproof Rock Wool Facade Sandwich Panel:

Table of thermal insulation values for Fireproof Rock Wool Facade Sandwich Panel:

Sandwich Panel Installation Process

The Fireproof Facade Sandwich Panel  with rock wool core provides high protection against fire with a very simple installation, which has become the reference material for a large number of customers, from individuals to large construction companies. This facade panel avoids resorting to different materials to build walls and the fireproof coating, which translates into an important saving for the client thanks also to the excellent price of Sandwich Panel.

Our long experience has allowed us to participate in a wide variety of projects throughout Spain and Latin America, providing maximum resistance at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP. The performance of the sandwich sheets is especially important in the case of the rock wool panel, guaranteeing up to two hours before collapsing. Such protection usually requires a complex installation; In the case of this facade panel, the tongue and groove system facilitates the work of the assemblers, considerably reducing the work required. If we add to the excellent qualities of this Panel Sandwich its price m² very reduced, we have the insulating panels for facades of industrial buildings and other more popular buildings.

Therefore, the rock wool panel is an ideal solution for building boiler rooms, tanks and other auxiliary buildings that house flammable materials or possible sources of fire. In addition, depending on the characteristics of each project, we can provide a facade panel with hidden or visible fasteners, thus adjusting the properties and price of the Facade Sandwich Panel.

Facade Sandwich Panel with rock wool core ensures fire protection in all types of buildings, taking advantage of the excellent characteristics of these sandwich sheets. That’s why our clients also use the rock wool panel to protect certain spaces in shopping centers and other public buildings. In addition, they can also be used to establish interior fire-retardant divisions in industrial warehouses, logistics centers and many other buildings.

The easy assembly reduces the price of the Facade Panel Sandwich, since they reduce the expenses that usually bring this type of works: labor, machinery rental, licenses and permits, affections on the activity, etc. The installation of the rock wool panel is so simple that many of our clients carry out personally, even without being professionals, thanks also to the important help that the auctions that we have. This facility is impossible in the rest of construction materials that provide similar protection, since they usually require a more complicated process to ensure adequate performance.

This protection is only possible thanks to the highest quality we offer in each of our products, always at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP. Other manufacturers of Sandwich Panel give second hand by promising a behavior similar to the first rock wool panel when it is much lower: the core of rock wool has severe deficiencies that affect their behavior, as well as the scratches and dents that usually lead to rapid deterioration of the sandwich sheet. To avoid these problems, we only recommend working with a top quality façade panel, the easiest way to avoid problems and accidents while guaranteeing maximum protection for long periods of time.

Accessories and endings

The high protection provided by the rock wool panel can be optimized with the installation of the finishes we offer at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP. These accessories seek to facilitate the assembly of the facade panel and improve the strength of the structure, thus providing important improvements compared to other building materials usually used in this type of project.

One of the most important auctions in the assembly of these sandwich sheets is the U-shaped top, which is anchored to the ground and serves as a rail or guide on which to support the facade panel. In this way, we start from a solid base on which to mount the rock wool panel and thus ensure the correct performance. The corner finishes have a similar function, since they are screwed to the 90 ° encounter between two Sandwich Panels to reinforce the structure and prevent movements or leaks that spoil the installation’s resistance.

All this is possible thanks to the self-drilling screws we can offer with each of our products; normally for metal structure but, on request, also available for laminated beam, wood and concrete always at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

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