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SIP Panel

SIP Panel

SIP Panels have high thermal and acoustic insulation while allowing you to enjoy a high aesthetic finish. In addition, the simplicity of assembly allows for reduced construction times and labor, thus minimizing installation costs.


We have numerous varieties of Structural Insulated Panels in our catalog of SIP panels that offer a high level of customization, so we have the perfect panel for your next project at a competitive price.


SIP Panels

From Panel Sandwich Group, we offer a great variety of wood sandwich panels with different finishes, so you can find the finish that best suits your project. The common denominator that all our panels have is their exceptional quality and spectacular properties. We participate in large projects with builders throughout and can supply our products to projects of all types. We manufacture and distribute our products throughout Europe and Latin America from our production centers in Spain.

Why buy SIP Panels?

The main advantages of our wood finish sandwich panels compared to other models are:

  • SIP panels provide high thermal insulation. This is due to its internal core and variety of thicknesses, allowing the panel to adapt to any climatic circumstances that the project requires. In addition, this will improve energy efficiency, allowing you to save on your electrical bill.
  • It is a material with a high sound-absorbing capacity compared to similar construction materials. With core available in Extruded Polyurethane, Expanded Polyurethane, Rock Wool, or Cork, you will get a panel tailored to the needs of your project.
  • It has a great aesthetic variety adapting to the characteristics and finishes of any project, so we will always have a perfect panel for you. No matter if you are looking for a more traditional or more avant-garde finish, our variety of Structural Insulated Panels offers a wide range of possibilities.
  • Easy installation is due to its lightweight material. This saves on machinery tools and installation time, since installing a panel means having a finished interior lining and insulation.

Check out our SIp Panels designs

You can find our wood sandwich panels in several models: Varnished Spruce Fringe, Waterproof Agglomerate, Gypsum Fiber/Cardboard Gypsum, Herakustik, Wood Cement Board and OSB Panel Sandwich. All of them have great finishes and features. In addition, all our panels are subjected to exhaustive tests to ensure their maximum quality. This way, we ensure that the materials offered by Panel Sandwich Group are of excellent quality.