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Wood Sandwich Panel

Type of panelFrieze Spruce Wood Sandwich Panel
Toap BoardWaterproof agglomerate with thicknesses of 16 or 19 mm
CoreExtruded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, natural cork or rock wool
View BoardSpruce frieze 10 mm
Width550 mm or 600 mm (subject to availability)
Thickness30/ 40 / 50 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 y 200 mm
Manufacturing PeriodBi-weeklly
StockTo be confirmed
Varnishing Type
Water Based Varnishes White Varnish WhiteLarch Varnishing LarchEbony Varnish EbonyMukali Varnish Mukali
 Walnut Brenero VarnishWalnut BreneroWhite Pyrinees VarnishPyrinees VarnishChesnut Varnish ChesnutRustic Oak VarnishRustic Oak
Varnish Color  Honey VarnishHoneyNavarra VarnishNavarraAndalusia VarnishAndalusia
 Portugal VarnishPortugalGreen Soul Varnish Green SoulNatural Colorless VarnishNatural Colorless
Decape Bronze VarnishBronzeAsh VarnishAshWhite Varnish DecapeWhite
High estheticsHigh esthetics
Hidden screwHidden screw
Residential useResidential use


The Frieze Spruce Wood Sandwich Panel is one of the most used materials for internal roofs structure and for finishing interior ceilings. It is a very versatile sandwich panel because it allows endless finishes adapted to any project. Its installation focuses on rustic environments that require this type of finish.

This material combines the excellent performance of the sandwich panel and the elegance of natural wood, guaranteeing maximum protection, high thermal insulation, and good resistance. It consists of two wooden boards, an outer one of waterproof chipboard of 16 or 19 mm thickness and an inner one of a spruce frieze of 10 mm. Between both wooden boards is an insulating core.

The waterproof chipboard outer  board is known for its high moisture resistance. It is made of pressed wood particles and joined with special resins resulting in a material with good behavior in humid environments. As for the core of the Frieze Spruce Wood Sandwich Panel, you can choose from the four options that Panel Sandwich Group offers; extruded polyurethane, injected polyurethane, rock wool, or ecological cork.

  • Injected polyurethane is a material resistant to moisture and water, has compressive strength, is a high thermal insulator, and offers protection against noise. It is a very light material.
  • On the other hand, extruded polyurethane has properties similar to those of injected polyurethane. However, it is a slightly heavier material with higher mechanical resistance.
  • The rock wool material is known for its low coefficient of thermal conductivity, in addition, it is a high thermal and acoustic insulator. Thanks to its fibrous nature allow dissipating the sound waves that try to cross it. This material forms a passive fire protection system, as it is a material that neither burns nor spreads flames.
  • Finally, cork material is mainly used in bio-constructions where the integration of building onto an environment-friendly regiment is the main principle, ensuring environmental sustainability. Among the properties of this material are its substantial lightness, as well as its magnificent thermal insulation.

The view board of the Spruce Frieze Wood Sandwich Panel is a natural spruce wood board arranged in wooden slats, being able to choose between a natural or varnished finish. As for the varnish, different techniques are applied to achieve the effect best suitable for a desired aesthetic outcome.

The finish of the wood panel with a water-based varnish offers a more natural look the color of the wood is shown, due to the slightly tinting coating, in comparison to the treatment based on colored varnishes is much more powerful and bright. The decape finish gives the wood an aged aesthetic look, ideal for more modern environments. If you want to know the full range of colors and finishes that Panel Sandwich Group offers, you can consult our technical sheet.

Our Wood Sandwich Panel has numerous features that surpass the rest of the alternatives on the Among them, that stand out are thermal insulation, low maintenance, and low price.

To avoid leaks and water filtration, you can accompany the wooden sandwich panel with accessories such as asphalt fabric or the plate under the tile. They allow higher insulation and provide more tightness. The Wood Panel manufactured by Panel Sandwich Group is mainly installed on walls and roofs of a house to thermal insulate them. Because of this, our clients rely on the Wood Panel for a wide variety of projects: private homes, hotels, chillout areas, restaurants, shopping centers and museums, wine cellars, porches, churches, civic centers, unique houses, and farmhouses, among others.

No matter the number of square meters you request, we adjust at all times to your economic needs and adapt the price of our Wood Panels to all budgets. Likewise, we guarantee superior quality for years and decades without ever worrying once it has been installed due to its low maintenance system.

In short, our Wood Sandwich Panel is one of the most customizable in the United States due to their choosable core and the wide range of colours. You will be able to order the Wood Sandwich Panel the best suits to your proyect giving it a modern finish or a more classic look depend of your requirements

Technical Information

Main characteristics of Wood Sandwich Panel

Nominal Thickness30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 ( ±2 mm)
Agglomerated Thickness16 or 19 mm
View Board Thickness10 mm
Average Foam Density35 kg/m³ (± 2 kg/m3)
Useful Width550 or 600 mm (± 2 mm)
Lengths2490 / 2990 / 3290 / 3590 mm (± 5 mm)
Reaction to FireE
Airbone noise insulation32,7 dba

The present technical data are average values obtained in different tests on the Spruce Frieze Wood Sandwich Panel. Depending on the thickness of the panel and the finish of the wood there can be significant changes. In any case, they have been verified and exceed the usual quality standards in the U.S. market. For more information, consult the technical sheet or contact your sales representative.

Technical Data Spruce Fieze Panel

Values for Wood Panel with 16 mm waterproof agglomerate top faces (unless specific values are indicated for this board) and 10 mm face view of wood Spruce Frieze. The data presented are indicative and relative guidelines. For specific information contact our sales representatives.

Panel Length (mm)2490299032903590
Support lights (mm)1245149516451795
Thickness (mm)Mechanical (3 supports) Arrow L/300 - Weigth in Kg/
View BoardCoreTop Board

(*)For core thicknesses 140, 160, 180, and 200 mm, only wood sandwich panels measuring 2490 x 600 and 2990 x 600 are manufactured. Table of loads for the specific case of Spruce Frieze Wood Sandwich Panel with an outer face of 16 mm face seen of 10 mm, and a variable core.

The given loads are understood as calculation loads. The introduction of material safety has been carried out with DB SE-M (March 2006).  If you have doubts about the material and its technical characteristics consult one of our sales advisors.

Thickness (mm)(XPS) Thermal Transmittance U (W/m²K)Relative Weigth panel (Kg/m²)
Top BoardCoreWaterproof of 16 mmWaterproof of 19 mm

Thermal transmittance is given for panels with a 10 mm face view and a variable core of the outer face of 16 or 19.

(*)For core thicknesses 140, 160, 180, and 200 mm, only wood sandwich panels are manufactured in measures of 2490 x 600 and 2990 x 600.


Thanks to the substantial composition, the infinity of combinations, and the excellent performance, the Spruce Frieze Wood Sandwich Panel offers a wide range of possibilities that will allow you to find the best alternative for your project. In addition, the durability of our sandwich panels goes on for decades, without forgetting the exceptional aesthetics of natural wood.

The Wood Sandwich Panel is manufactured with an internal core of various types of density, and the density type will depend on the material used.  The extruded polystyrene density is 35 kg / m³, the injected polystyrene density is 25 kg / m³, the Rock Wool density is 40 kg / m², and finally, the cork core density is 180/220 kg/m³. Each core is protected by a top layer of waterproof chipboard, with measurements of 16 or 19 mm thick, and a lower plate of spruce frieze wood.

The waterproof chipboard panel for the top layer has excellent qualities in terms of water resistance. In addition, you can combine our wood sandwich panel with accessories such as asphalt menbrane or the plate under roof tile to ensure proper protection of the interior of the construction from possible leaks, condensation, and humidity.

In Panel Sandwich Group, we offer you numerous options to choose between different techniques, varnishes, and finishes to give the spruce frieze wood sandwich panel an aesthetic according to the client's project. If you are looking for a sandwich panel with another interior finish?  We also offer noble woods, Herakustik, Cement Board Panels, Waterproof Agglomerate, Insulated OSB Panel or Insulated Plasterboard of the best quality with excellent features.

The Spruce frieze wood sandwich panel has a tongue and groove system that allows a correct meeting between sides, thus facilitating the installation and assembly process. Thanks to this joining system, a cover of excellent quality are obtained, minimizing thermal leaks. In addition, the modular qualities of the panels allow speeding the assembly process, making it faster and easier.

As for the installation process, both plates are screwed to the structure; and the construction type will depend on the penetrating depth of the screw. For a wooden construction, the screw will penetrate 20 mm, and in a metal structure, about 50 mm. If you wish, you can ask one of our sales representatives for all the information regarding its installation and assembly. To meet the needs of each project, Panel Sandwich Group offers sandwich panels of a wide variety of dimensions, and thicknesses, adapting them to the aesthetic requirement of the client.

These two combined make it an ideal material for any project. The Wood Sandwich Panel is not optimized to function as an exterior roof. Therefore, once installed will require the placement of another roofing material to protect the wooden plates. In addition, it is convenient to waterproof the roof area with a low tile and an asphalt fabric that completes the installation.

Datasheets Wood Sandwich Panel



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