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Wood Cement Board Panel

Wood Cement Board

Type of PanelWood Cement Board Panel
Top BoardWaterproof agglomerate with thicknesses of 16 or 19 mm
CoreExtruded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, natural cork or rock wool
View BoardWood shavings and cement 10 mm
Width30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 y 200 mm.
Manufacturing period550 mm o 600 mm (según disponibilidad)
StockTo be confirmed
High estheticsHigh esthetics
Hidden screwHidden screw
Residential useResidential use


The Wood Cement Sandwich Panel is a product intended for factoring slabs due to its high resistance. It allows you to create resistant mezzanines, such as ceiling panels or cladding material for the interior ceiling. It is one of the most versatile panels in the United States since it combines two different elements of wood and the resistance of cement.

The price of the Wood Cement Sandwich Panel is one of the main reasons why customers opt for it for the interior coating of many projects and developments. But what is relevant about these ceiling panels is the spectacular aesthetics and realism they provide. At Panel Sandwich Group, we adjust to the needs and demands of the customers. Therefore, we manufacture many different models of wood panels.

Each wood sandwich panel fulfills a characteristic function according to the client's preference or the project's specifications. We have Herakustik, Waterproof Agglomerate,Wood Sandwich Panel, Isulated OSB or Insulated Plasterboard

One of the most particular models is the Reinforced Cement Panel, the ideal solution for those works that require extra protection without sacrificing a spectacular finish. It is known for its composition in wood chips and cement, so it has a much higher resistance than conventional wood panels. It is used mainly for building auditoriums, warehouses, homes, or commercial spaces, and thanks to the excellent qualities of the sandwich panel at a lower price per m².

The Reinforced Cement Panel is one of the most special variants within the extensive catalog of wood panels in Panel Sandwich Group. Its triple composition differs from the rest of conventional wooden boards, thus obtaining extra benefits that no other construction material can match.

This sandwich panel consists of:

  • A waterproof agglomerate top board (16 or 19 mm). It is composed of wood shavings to which they add thermosetting resins, allowing protection of the core of the wood sandwich panel. It is known for its behavior in humid environments. In addition, to achieve a total waterproofing seal of the roof, you can use a water-repellent chipboard sandwich panel with accessories such as asphalt fabric or the plate under the tile that ensure a better tightness of the construction.
  • The view board is made from wood chips and cement (8 or 10mm) Protected by the two boards is an insulating core.
  • Its density varies depending on the composition of the east. In the case of extruded polystyrene, it is about 35 kg / m³, if it is expanded polystyrene we speak of 25 kg / m³, regarding the density of Rock Wool is 40 kg / m². Finally, a cork core offers a density of 180/220 kg/m³.

Thanks to this composition, the performance of the wood sandwich panels allows you to save on costs obtaining a spectacular result thanks to the excellent characteristics of the sandwich sheets at a lower price per m². This sandwich plate meets both the characteristics of cement and wood. They are lighter than the rest of conventional sandwich plates and offer great strength and firmness.

In Panel Sandwich Group, we work continuously to achieve a common goal: to offer sandwich panels at a reduced price of first quality so that all customers can enjoy its exceptional benefits. Therefore, we adjust the manufacturing processes to adapt to the constant change in demand.

We manufacture panels with thicknesses ranging from 30 to 200 mm, although the most used are thicknesses of 40, 60, 80, and 100 mm, as they guarantee good insulation and resistance. The Wood Cement Board that we offer also allows you to save on assembly thanks to the tongue and groove system that it incorporates, ensuring a correct union to reinforce the thermal insulation and minimize possible leaks and humidity that can damage the polystyrene core. In addition, for each shipment, you can request the necessary screws to fix the wooden panels directly to any structure type, whether metal or wood.

Never before has an interior cladding panel been so easy to install obtaining spectacular performance for decades thanks to Wood Cement Board

Technical Information

Main characteristics of Wood Cement Board

Resistence to water vapor diffussion (µ)Seco 50 / Húmedo 30
Reaction to FireBs1d0
Isolation to airbone noise33,5 dba Rw (C,Ctr)= 34 (-1, 3)

*The data presented are indicative and relative guidelines. For specific information contact our sales representatives.

The present technical data are average values obtained in different tests on the Wood Cement Panel. Depending on the thickness of the panel and the wood finishes there can be significant changes. In any case, they have been verified and exceed the usual quality standards in the U.S. market.


Technical Data Wood Cement Board

Panel length (mm)24902990
Support lights (mm)12451495
ThicknessMechanical (3 supports) Arrow L/300 – Load in kg/m2

Load values for Wood Cement Board with a 16 mm top face of water-repellent chipboard (unless another value is indicated for this board) and a 10 mm face:

The data presented are indicative and relative. For specific information, please contact our sales department.


Thickness (mm)Thermal transmittance U (W/m2K)
Top Board
Waterproof 16 (mm)Waterproof 19 (mm)


Approximately panel's weight


The Wood Cement panel has become the ideal solution that combines the elegance and durability of wood with the strength and protection of cement. Its finish and appearance are not homogeneous due to its composition with different wood shavings, which gives it a spectacular image and a very realistic finish. For this reason, thousands of customers opt for this type of roof cover for developing special and different projects. In addition, the fire classification of these sandwich panels by different national institutes is Bs1d0.

One of the main advantages of the Wood Cement Sandwich Panel is the installation system. The assembly enhances this resistance since its tongue and groove reduce leaks and leaks while ensuring a correct meeting between the sandwich panels. If you are looking for a completely waterproof installation? You can complement the panel with accessories such as Asphalt Fabric or Plate under Tile that provides total tightness to the roof. In addition, the cost of labor or machinery necessary for installation reduces drastically, so the customer enjoys savings that add to the adjusted price of the Wood Sandwich Panel.

In Panel Sandwich Group, we can provide in each of the orders the corresponding self-drilling screws as well as the necessary accessories to make the installation a success. The available screws can be for both metal structures and wooden structures. In the first case, the screw should penetrate about 20 mm, and for the latter, it should penetrate about 60 mm.

One of the recommendations for installing the wood cement panel is that to ensure maximum resistance each wood panel must have; are three supports and three anchors. Fulfilling this simple recommendation, you can enjoy maximum protection for years thanks to the excellent characteristics of the Sandwich Panel at the best price per m².

In Panel Sandwich Group, we have an extensive experience of more than 10 years that has allowed us to participate in a wide variety of works spread throughout Spain and Latin America, working with new challenges to squeeze the most out of the possibilities of the cement-reinforced wood panel. Some of the projects in which we have collaborated with our wooden sandwich roofs are residences and urbanizations with large surfaces to protect, without sacrificing the elegance provided by wood, even if it is reinforced with cement.


The success or failure of an installation will depend on the materials used. Talking about Panel Sandwich Group is synonymous to quality. Therefore, all customers who have trusted us for the development of any type of work or project recommend us to their family and friends.

We have become the leaders in the sector, always providing sandwich panels at a reduced price of first quality and the best price. To prove it, we have in our establishment the official quality certificates where all the parameters that have passed the panels are collected, according to current regulations.

At the time of purchasing any type of sandwich panel, the customer can find very attractive offers at reduced prices. Behind these discounts hides second-hand sandwich panels with a performance much lower than average, and the probability that they have been removed from other sites in which they have already fulfilled part of their useful life. Using second-hand sandwich sheets is not recommended in any case, therefore, in Panel Sandwich Group we always recommend working with first-class materials to avoid future complications.

Datasheets Wood Cement Board



Wood Cement Board with a high quality mechanical resistanceWood Cement Board with great insulation

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