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Skylight panels are the most popular transparent panel; there are various translucent sheets, to suit your needs and budget. Cellular Polycarbonate sheets have had superior quality and durability for cover for decades, without losing their properties, and are used on less demanding projects.  We're capable of manufacturing Clear Plastic Roofing Sheets at a very competitive price with the great advantage of being light, economical, and easy to assemble.


Skylights panels come in various lengths (we have multiple polycarbonate sizes in stock to fit your project) and are used to complete and combine with Cover-joint Sandwich Panel, 3-frets, and 5-frets.

Skylight Panels

Skylights panels are complementary materials with other sandwich panels, when combined with other sandwich panels, they allow light to pass continuously or discontinuously in any ceiling.  Installing this type of polycarbonate sheet illumination of natural lighting is achieved, improving efficiency and energy savings in the room.

The sheets are made of polycarbonate due to the high durability that this material offers. In case of less demanding projects, polyester sheets are the best choice for being a lighter option with a simpler assembly.

How to install Skylight Panels?

Before installation, measurements of the area are required (height, dimensions, capacity, etc.) to calculate the exact amount of polycarbonate sheets needed to achieve good lighting. Then, specific areas that require special lighting should be checked. It is advisable to establish the maintenance frequency and ensure easy access to the sheets for maintenance.

Skylights are versatile when installed, thus they can be mounted in different positions according to the project's specifics.

  • Checkered position; The polycarbonate panels are positioned individually and with separation, ensuring correct lighting at all times. For installation, it is recommended for the sheets be secured with the screw in a wider hole to avoid breaks in case of expansion.
  • Round skylight; This installation produces a uniform distribution of light in the entire room, which is done in places of a low ceiling.
  • Complete waterfall position; In this case, the polycarbonate plates are arranged from the ceiling line to the channel, allowing wider bands of light.
  • Half waterfall position; It is the intermediate position between the checkered and the complete waterfall position. The installation of the polycarbonate sheets is done in the direction of the water flow.
  • A flat continuous path skylight is known for offering good levels of lighting..

Maintenance of skylight panels

Skylight sheets need to be cleaned regularly to maintain high levels of light transmission. In addition, we recommended making inspections once a year to check for any structural damage.