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Skylight – Cellular Polycarbonate Panel


MODELS: Cover-joints Panel – Three Frets Panel – Five Frets Panel.

  • The translucent cellular polycarbonate panel known as skylight is the best-selling transparent panel along with our industrial roof sandwich panel.
  • Illuminates any type of space letting the rays of natural light pass at different levels.
  • It has great resistance to sun, cold, heat, rain, snow, or any other external corrosive agent and to changes in temperature,

Natural lightning 

Residential use

Industrial use

Characteristics of Skylight – Cellular Polycarbonate Panel

The skylights that we offer in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP are composed of polycarbonate plates that provide a much better performance than other alternatives. Its cellular composition ensures excellent thermal insulation, since its interior is composed of multiple very thin walls, creating the characteristic structure of cellular polycarbonate. In this way, this skylight ensures high resistance to impacts while providing a greater passage of light throughout its life, unlike other materials such as polyester that yellow quickly and offer a very poor performance. In addition, unlike other Sandwich Panel manufacturers, the price of polycarbonate is very low and it pays off for decades.

The cellular polycarbonate plates are manufactured in lengths of up to 12 meters and width of a useful meter. Its thickness of 30 mm ensures outstanding thermal insulation, avoiding thermal leaks that ruin the performance of the covers for sandwich sheet roofs. These skylights are manufactured with wings on the sides that ensure the correct fit with the adjacent Sandwich Panels, thus avoiding leaks or humidity that could damage the polyurethane core of the roofing sheets or even reach the interior of the building. According to the model of the sandwich roof installed, we supply simple self-drilling screws or with cappellotti, a special washer with a neoprene seal that reinforces the tightness in the anchors.

Thanks to the characteristics of the polycarbonate plates, these skylights can be installed in different configurations according to the characteristics of each project and the preferences of the client. In this way, the inclusion of cellular polycarbonate in key points of the cover for sandwich sheet roofs and provide exceptional lighting, with consequent savings in energy can be exploited. One of the most common installations is the assembly in checkered, since it distributes the skylights separately through the sandwich cover to illuminate those points where it is most necessary. One of the problems that this provision brings is the number of joints with the Sandwich Panels that originate, since it is advisable to check these unions periodically.

As an alternative, many of our customers use other configurations of skylights that provide great lighting while ensuring maximum protection with cellular polycarbonate. For example, the skylights can be placed along the roof line of the sandwich cover, or the polycarbonate panels can be placed in strips that connect this point with the roof line. In any case, we can adjust the manufacture to obtain smooth or rounded skylights, although with this they change their technical characteristics. Therefore, if you have any idea in mind, we recommend that you contact our sales team and detail the characteristics of the project, obtaining the appropriate polycarbonate plates at the best price at PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

Technical Data of Skylight – Cellular Polycarbonate Panel

Load tables with the maximum distances for Polycarbonate plate skylights:


Skylight – Cellular Polycarbonate Panel Installation Process

The outstanding position of PANEL SANDWICH GROUP in the sector of prefabricated roofs, plates for facades and other materials has led us to participate in a wide variety of works and reforms throughout Spain and Latin America. These projects have gone from the construction of large shopping centers with large skylights in the sandwich deck to small reforms of individuals or the construction of industrial buildings. In the latter case, polycarbonate plates have been an important improvement, since they are very resistant skylights that adapt to the intense activity of these spaces, thus avoiding periodic renewals that increase the price of cellular polycarbonate.

On the other hand, the technical characteristics of the cellular polycarbonate panels have also popularized their installation in buildings for residential use, since they ensure a high thermal insulation according to the needs of these sandwich covers. In addition, thanks to its easy assembly ensures full aesthetic and functional integration in the tile panel, one of the roof plates most demanded by our customers for this type of project. Both in porches of tile imitation and in the cover for main roofs, the polycarbonate plates ensure an extraordinary protection, always with the guarantee of the highest quality at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

The easy assembly of the cellular polycarbonate leads many of our customers, including individuals, to perform the installation themselves. These skylights incorporate wings on the sides that overlap with the adjacent Sandwich Panels, thus avoiding possible leaks or thermal moisture that ruin the performance of the sandwich cover. The polycarbonate panels are screwed directly to the structure from these wings, always taking care that the hole made in the skylight is greater than the screw used. Otherwise, high temperatures can cause expansion of the hardware that would fracture the polycarbonate plate. With this simple measure we ensure the correct performance of the skylights during its long service life.

Unlike other Sandwich Panel manufacturers with much lower prices, our polycarbonate panels are top quality as well as the rest of the roof plates and façade plates. Only in this way can we guarantee a high level of protection for decades, without causing the serious damage that can result, just by buying at a better price, the second-hand Sandwich Panel. This is especially serious in the case of skylights, since poorly made anchors can damage the polycarbonate plates, considerably reducing their performance. For this reason, we always recommend consulting the quality certificates and buying first products, available at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

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