The Cellular Polycarbonate plate allows it to illuminate any room naturally. It also has high resistance and, thanks to its outline, fits perfectly with our sandwich panels offering a quality seal.  
Type of PanelCellular Polycarbonate Plate
UsageNatural lighting of rooms
Width1000 mm
Thickness30 mm
ModelsFlashings / Three Frets / Five Frets
ProductionEvery 10 days
StockConfirm at purchasing


The translucent cellular polycarbonate plate known as skylight is the most sold transparent panel or plate together with the industrial sandwich panel for roofing. Its main purpose is to illuminate any type of room (industrial buildings, farms, porches, garages, warehouses, etc) allowing natural light rays to pass through at different levels. This polycarbonate panel can be manufactured in variable lengths (we have multiple sizes of polycarbonate in stock to suit your project) is sold together or separately from the sandwich panel roof flashing, three-ribs and five-ribs, not being possible to sell with the tile panel because of its low energy efficiency (low insulation) and high risk of water seepage as it is not designed for it.

Depending on the type of Sandwich Roof Panel that you have purchased, we will recommend the polycarbonate cover that best matches your roof. The difference between one model and another of translucent is the system of fitting the polycarbonate with the panel and its geometry. It is not the same for a flashing panel where a cap is incorporated in the joint between panels than for a 3-flange panel where a polycarbonate has been designed with a free flange and another with a full flange, avoiding condensation and allowing a more uniform aesthetics on the lower part of the panel.

Although the cellular polycarbonate does not have a great insulation due to the material with which it is made, it is manufactured with a thickness of 30 or 40mm and has rectangular or hexagonal cells that form intermediate air chambers increasing the insulation of the polycarbonate and avoiding the loss of cold or heat depending on the time of the year.

Data Sheet

Principal characteristics on Cellular Polycarbonate Plate

Panel thickness30 (± 2 mm)
Vertical cell spacing24 mm
Horizontal walls7 (± 2 mm)
Plate width1.000 mm
Straightness0 mm (1 mm/m max. 5 mm)
Solar control1 000 mm (± 5 mm)
Thermal insulation1,28 w/m2/ºK
Acoustic insulation23 dB
Expansion0,065 (± 5 mm)
UV protectionOuter surface coextrusion
Fire classificationB-s1, d0
Temp. for domestic use-30º +120ºC

*This values are for informitive guidence only. For a more specific information, contact one or our sales representive.

The values on our deta sheet are obtain in differents test on the Cellular Polycarbonate Plate. Some changes could be expected.


As a major advantage, the polycarbonate sheet for roofs has a great resistance to the sun, cold, heat, external and corrosive agents, the sea, snow, temperature changes, etc. Being our cellular polycarbonate the best option to have natural light inside a warehouse or industrial building for years without losing light capacity, with the consequent energy savings. Given its adaptability to different situations, the translucent polycarbonate will allow you to economically solve the needs of natural light in all types of environments.

These skylights are formed by multiple small and very thin capsules, creating a cell-shaped structure inside the polycarbonate. The finish of these cells can have a different configuration depending on the requirements or needs of each customer: checkered, in the roof line, up to the gutter. With the purchase of any polycarbonate the necessary elements for its installation are included, such as screws, joints, shims if the panel where it is going to be installed is more than 30mm thick, omegas, as well as any other element that depending on the model of the panel with which the polycarbonate is going to be installed, is necessary for its installation and correct operation.

In Panel Sandwich Group we recommend the installation of skylights in all those cases in which we have a large surface and we want to save as much as possible in the energy bill. The installation of polycarbonate sheets along the entire roof will allow us to get sunlight throughout the day without having large lighting costs, especially in the case of industrial buildings, farms, livestock farms, etc.. But it is not only recommended in these cases, since, over the years, skylights have become popular for small projects to give an innovative touch.

Another reason why customers end up opting for this material is its easy installation. Being a perfect complement to the sandwich panels, the cellular polycarbonate plate has lateral wings that allow the skylight to fit perfectly with the sandwich panel roofing, obtaining a total integration.

Accessories and Endings


Screw specially optimized for installing PANEL SANDWICH GROUP wood panels. Ask us about the specific screws depending on the time of the project and we will recommend the best option.


Steel profiles that serve as termination for sandwich roofs formed by skylights and Sandwich Panel for roofing. They allow to cover the most vulnerable areas and also avoids screwing the skylight allowing its natural expansion and contraction.
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