Steel Sheet

Steel Sheet

THICKNESS: 32, 42, 52 mm.

COLOURS: White, Red, Green, Silver Metallic, Sand, Blue Lake.

    • It is an ideal solution for roofs and facades that do not require high levels of thermal insulation.


Highly aesthetic

Low price

Characteristics of Steel Sheet

The simple Steel Sheet panels are made of galvanized steel and pre-lacquered to ensure great resistance, avoiding the possible corrosion of these materials caused by external agents. According to the use that will be given to each sheet, we can find different manufacturing processes, shaping the sheet to give more strength or also undulating and folding to achieve a spectacular result. In PANEL SANDWICH GROUP we also adjust the dimensions of each sheet to the characteristics of the installation, so that the customer can adjust the price as much as possible.

The installation of the sheets for roofs and facades is very simple, so that the costs derived from a construction of these characteristics are reduced: labor, machinery rental, licenses and permits, etc. This is possible thanks to the overlapping of the sheets, that provide an effective union of the plates for facades and protects against possible leaks and humidity. In addition, every order we can supply self-drilling screws, which expedites the construction of sheet metal covers, and cappellotti, a special washer with neoprene gasket that provides total protection against leaks and moisture. In this way, correct protection is achieved for long periods of time, avoiding costly maintenance or additional treatments that increase the price of roofing sheet. The installation of these roof plates provides important advantages over other materials used that require a maintenance or installation process more complex than the sheet metal roofs. 

Compared with other manufacturers of Sandwich Panel and single sheet, we always guarantee the highest quality in our products. In other cases we can find offers of sheets for roofs and facades that offer a very low price compared to the market average; it is Sandwich Panel second hand and sheet metal roofs removed from other works. Therefore, these sheet metal covers have amortized part of their useful life and will offer a much lower performance, even causing accidents when the roof plate breaks and falls. To avoid these risks we only recommend working with top quality materials, such as our roofing sheets.

Steel Sheet Installation Process

The low price of the simple sheet allows its installation in a variety of projects, providing adequate protection for many of these cases. Thanks to these sheet metal covers, our customers can benefit from a much simpler construction process than other construction materials that require long works. For this reason, more and more both individuals and companies in the sector rely on the different roof plates that are part of our catalog to achieve a good result at the best price with PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

Throughout our extensive career we have participated in a wide variety of projects spread throughout Spain and Latin America, with very different characteristics that have demanded the maximum potential of our roofing sheets and facades. Some examples of these works are enclosures and construction of industrial buildings, renovation of roofing sheets in warehouses, construction of sheds and other auxiliary rooms, etc. Thanks to the characteristics of these sheets, our customers can enjoy a protection adapted to your needs, adjusting the characteristics of the materials to the characteristics of each project.

Although the simple sheets do not provide great thermal insulation on their own, they are increasingly used as exterior coatings in residential buildings. In this sense, we highlight, for example, our Ibiza profile, which provides a staggered appeal that is widely used in apartment blocks, offices and shopping centers. In this way, the aesthetic aspect is enhanced by taking advantage of the protection offered by these roof and facade plates to reinforce the performance of the materials used in these works. If you need advice to make the most of the benefits of the simple sheets, we recommend that you contact our sales representatives and the details of the characteristics of your project; Surely you find the best result at a good price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

Unlike other manufacturers, PANEL SANDWICH GROUP guarantees the highest quality in each of our products. In this way, the customer ensures high performance during the long service life of the installation. To check the quality of the single sheet, we always recommend checking the quality certificates required by the current regulations: our roofing sheets and facades have been subjected to rigorous tests in order to establish their behavior and avoid possible problems in the installation.

Steel sheet available models

Profile 32

The profile 32 is a sheet for roofs characterized by the height of its fret of 32 mm, which provides strength to the structure and resistance to impacts and loads of the sheet metal cover. It can be manufactured in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses up to 1.2 mm to achieve the best result.

Profile 42

The profile 42 supposes a greater resistance when incorporating a freted more marked, of 42 mm, increasing therefore his behavior like cover of sheet. At the disposal of the client we have different finishes to enjoy a careful aesthetics.

Profile 52

The sheet metal roof with the most fretwork is profile 52, which provides maximum strength in roofing sheets, adapting to the needs of many customers who demand superior protection in industrial warehouses,  and logistics centers, among other examples.

Profile Deck 56

This sheet for roofs incorporates a profile with ribs of 56 mm in height to adapt to the needs of industrial buildings, thus providing a tight resistance to the intense activity that characterizes these spaces.

Profile Deck 68

This sheet metal cover overcomes the features of the previous model thanks to the greater depth of its profiling, which provides even greater resistance to achieve adequate protection to the particular needs of industrial buildings, workshops and other similar buildings.

Minionda facade

This simple sheet is characterized by the wavy that it presents, providing a very particular aesthetic that suits both industrial buildings and blocks of flats and offices, where the minionda plate is usually installed as an exterior coating of the construction materials used.

Profile Ibiza

The characteristic turning of the Ibiza profile brings a unique air to all types of buildings. Sometimes this sheet will be used directly in the construction of facades of industrial buildings, for example, while other times it can be installed as an additional coating against other construction materials.

Facade 32

This façade sheet provides a height of 32 mm that provides a high resistance to impacts and external forces, so it is used in the construction of industrial buildings and other buildings in which functionality prevails over aesthetics. However, it can be manufactured in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Architectural cassettes

These plates for facades and roofs do not provide sufficient thermal insulation but are used as external coatings of other materials. In this way, the client enjoys a sensational aesthetic finish, being able to create attractive sets of colors to squeeze the possibilities of this sheet.

Self-supporting trays

The self-supporting trays are an important aid in the construction with simple plates and Sandwich Panels, since they are used in replacement of the belts to build more quickly and thus reduce the costs that are derived from a work of this type: labor, rent of machinery, licenses and permits, etc.

Curved profiles

These sheets are the most adapted solution to each one of our clients’ projects, since both the height of the fret and the thickness of the sheet can be adjusted, reaching lengths of up to 14 meters to cover large extensions very quickly.

Collaborative slab

The collaborative slab replaces other shuttering techniques that involve a slower and more laborious construction process; these plates allow circulation through the floor, which greatly facilitates the work of the operators.

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