Herakustik Panel


Type of PanelHerakustik Panel
Top BoardWaterproof chipboard with thicknesses of 16 or 19 mm
FoamExtruded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, natural cork or rock wool
View BoardHerakustik wood shavings between 15 and 25 mm thick
Width550 mm or 600 mm (subject to availability)
Thickness30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 and 200
Manufacturing periodBi-weekly
StockTo be confirmed


The Herakustik Waterproof Sandwich Panel is typically for covering interior halls and internal roofs. It has the best insulation qualities compared with the rest panels offered on the market. Its installation is intended for noisy environments such as airports, focused on remodeling sites, hospitals, bars, restaurants, and leisure centers since it achieves high acoustic insulation. Its composition allows optimal sound attenuation.

The Wood Sandwich Panel and its low price per m² have revolutionized the construction sector thanks to its exceptional protection and particular elegance of wood that allows the creation of comfortable spaces in any room with a spectacular aesthetic. In Panel Sandwich Group, we manufacture a wide variety of wood panels, but different in their way of production and materials used, but on all occasions, the result is spectacular.

A principal feature of the Herakustik Waterproof Wood Sandwich Panel is its high protection against fire, combined with its non-flammable composition, which has allowed it to obtain the classification against fire Bs1d0 by different national institutes. In addition, it also stands out for its water-repellent properties, sound absorbents, and its sensitivity to fungal pests and other parasites. It is one of the woods sandwich panels best valued by the customers of Panel Sandwich Group for interior cladding.

At Panel Sandwich Group, we offer you a lot of options. If you are looking for a sandwich panel with another interior finish? We also can suggest our noble woods, such as Spruce Frieze wood,  Waterproof agglomerate Plasterboard Panel, OSB Panel or Cement Board Panel  of the best quality and with excellent performance.

To obtain the correct thermal insulation with each project and get more performance from the properties mentioned above, we produce thicknesses from 30 to 200 mm, although the most commonly used are 40, 60, 80, and 100 mm. The Herakustik Wood Sandwich Panel consists of an insulating core available in different materials such as extruded polystyrene, expanded, natural cork, or rock wool protected by an external waterproof chipboard from 16 to 19 mm and an interior board of waterproof Herakustik wood.

    • Extruded polystyrene is one of the best thermal insulators available in the sandwich panel market, having a high resistance to moisture and water, along with high acoustic insulation. It is known for having a higher mechanical resistance, although with a higher weight than other materials.
    • Concerning the previous one, the expanded polystyrene core is a material widely used in many remodeling projects since it has technical characteristics very similar to those of extruded polystyrene, but it is much lighter than this.
    • Cork core is a very light material with a high thermal insulation capacity widely used in the bioconstruction sector for its ecological value and integration with the environment ensuring environmental sustainability.
    • Finally, Rock wool is a material of fibrous nature widely used in works where you want to obtain high thermal and acoustic insulation since it dissipates the sound waves that try to cross it. This material forms a passive fire protection system, as it is a material that neither burns nor spreads flames.

Unlike other panels with acoustic absorption capacity, the Herakustik waterproof wood panel allows an elegant installation in all those projects where the image prevails without forgetting the protection, thermal insulation, and low price. To all these qualities and benefits, we must also refer to its ease of assembly and placement process, thanks to the tongue and groove system, which allows the perfect union between sandwich sheets, avoiding leaks and moisture. To install the Herakustik panel on any structure type, in Panel Sandwich Group, we can provide in each order the own self-taladring screws that will avoid thermal leaks, leaks, and leaks.

If you are looking for total acoustic insulation? You can complement the qualities of the Herakustik Sandwich Panel with our Rock Wool Panel for the roof, which has high sound-absorbing (and fireproof) properties. You can also use our Rock Wool Panel Acoustic Ceiling Panel to create an acoustically insulated installation with spectacular fire resistance.

Technical Data

Principal Characteristics for the Herakustik Wood Panel

Resistence to water vapor diffussion (µ)Dry 50 / Wet 50
Reaction to FireBs1d0
Isolation to airbone noise33,4 dba Rw (C,Ctr)= 33 (-1, 4)

*The data presented are indicative and relative guidelines. For specific information contact our sales representatives.

The present technical data are average values obtained in different tests on the Herakustik Wood Panel. Depending on the thickness of the panel and the type of wood finish, there can be significant changes. In any case, they have been verified and exceed the usual quality standards in the market. For more information, consult the technical sheet or contact your sales representative.

Technical Data Herakustik Wood Panel

Load values for Herakustik Wood Panel with 19 mm waterproof aglomerate top face (unless otherwise indicated) and Herakustik 15 mm face view:

The data presented are indicative and relative guidelines. For specific information contact our sales representatives.

Panel length (mm)2490
Support lights (mm)1245
Thickness (mm) Mechanical (3 supports)
Aroow L/300 – Load in kg/m2
Thickness (mm)Thermal transmittance U (W/m2K)
Top Board
Waterproof 16 mmWaterproof 19 mm
Thickness (mm)Approximately panel’s weight (kg/m2)


Regarding its composition, the Herakustik Wood Sandwich Panel has a lower board of extra-thin shavings reinforced with magnesia between 15 and 25 mm thick for optimizing interior coatings and acoustic absorption. In addition, the panel also has a wooden outer board of 16 or 19-mm thick, water-repellent chipboard, providing high protection to the insulating core, combining in a single sandwich plate the elegance of wood and the thermal and sound insulation of the traditional acoustic panel.

The density of the insulating core will vary depending on the material used when manufactured, giving the panel different characteristics, with a cork density of 180-220 kg / m³ being the highest and injected polystyrene of 25 kg / m³ the lowest. On average, we find extruded polystyrene with 30-35 kg/m³ and rock wool with 70 kg/m³ in density.

Depending on the type of client and the project to be carried out, you can choose thicknesses between 30 and 200 mm, 40, 60, 80, and 100 mm being the most demanded by our customers. In addition to its exceptional acoustic properties, the Herakustik Wood Sandwich Panel has a Bs1d0 classification against fire.

The recommended way to install the Herakustik Wood Sandwich Panel is through the tresbolillo, that is, to reduce gaps where leaks may occur. In addition, each sandwich panel must have three supports and, in each of them, three fittings that cross the structure leaving the head embedded in the outer agglomerate. In Panel Sandwich Group, we provide in each of our orders self-drilling screws to fit the sandwich panels directly to any structure type at the best price. In the case of a metal structure, the screw must penetrate a minimum of 20 mm, and in wooden construction, a minimum of 60 mm. A correct installation of the panels ensures exceptional performance for long periods, by avoiding problems that this gives to the companies on repairments and replacements in roofs.

In Panel Sandwich Group, we have more than ten years of experience in the construction sector, which has allowed us to work with lots of clients on different projects where the excellency and quality have been tested on our wooden roof panels. Thanks to our high-quality products, we have established ourselves as one of the leaders in the sector throughout Europe and Latin America. Thanks to having our facilities positioned strategically, we can ship internationally at a very reasonable price.


Sandwich Panel Installation process

Accessories and Endings


The butyl roll is the most recommended complement for the installation of the Sandwich Panel or simple sheet. It is an adhesive that is placed between joints and allows them to fit perfectly without the possibility of leaks. 50 year warranty!

asphalt membrane

Self-protecting roofing felt for Sandwich Panel projects. It resists on top of weathered roofs. We recommend asphalt menbrane for Wood Panel roofs to promote waterproofing.

plate under roof tile

Corrugated plate that is placed on top of the Wood Sandwich Panel. Its function is to favor the protection, insulation and watertightness of the wooden deck. It is used as a support to place a main covering such as a roof tile, etc.

winged screw

winged screw

Wing screw optimized for installing wood panels on metal structures. The lateral wings mill the panel during drilling, preventing the screw from threading into the panel itself.


Metal omegas are the perfect solution to act as a support or secondary structure for panels or simple sheet metal. Among the many advantages are weight resistance and reduced assembly costs.


The lateral finish covers the polyurethane foam that is exposed on the side of the roof plates; a very vulnerable point in front of precipitations and humidities that damage the insulating core and therefore reduce the performance of the installation. The lateral finish prevents these damages with a simple installation.

high-strength screw

high-strength screw

High strength screw specifically designed for the installation of wood sandwich panel on wood structures. Designed for the professional looking for the highest quality fastening.

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