OSB Sandwich Panel


Type of PanelWood Sandwich Panel OSB Decorated
Top BoardWaterproof  agglomerate with thicknesses of 16 or 19 mm
FoamExtruded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, natural cork or rock wool
View BoardOSB decorated of 10 mm
Width550 mm or 600 mm (subject to availability)
Thickness30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 and 200
Manufacturing periodBi-weekly
StockTo be confirmed


The OSB Decorated Sandwich Panel, used for the design of interior roofs, is one of the most demanded products in today´s market. Its identifiable appearance; is formed by large shavings and easy characteristics (sizeable board than any other type), providing a warm and modern finish.

Our OSB sandwich panel has been used in different varieties of projects and its rustic, modern, and “unfinished” appearance makes it the best material for projects with an avant-garde air since it manages to break with that traditional style of any installation. It also works well in modern environments with an industrial appearance, which bets on the nakedness of the structures exposing beams, pipes, and brick walls. The Wood Panel has become one of the most demanded roofing veneers on the market thanks to its wide variety of finishes, high insulation, and protection.

The OSB Sandwich Panel provides a particular and innovative aesthetic in any room: homes and residences, shopping centers, museums, offices, etc.

The OSB decorated Sandwich Panel has a triple composition, thus creating a very versatile material with qualities that make it stand out from the rest of the substitute products. The upper wooden board is composed of waterproof chipboard in variable thicknesses from 16 to 19 mm and is composed of shavings wood, and a thermosetting resin is added which allows the core of the wood to be protected. It is characterized; by having better behavior in humid environments. In addition, to achieve a total waterproof roof, you can use a water-repellent chipboard sandwich panel with accessories such as asphalt menbrane or the plate under the tile that ensure a better tightness of the enclosure minimizing leaks and thermal leaks.

On the other hand, it has an inside core whose density varies depending on the foam used. The density core varies depending on the material made. The three layers are joined by thermogluing, which is a process that obtains a fully resistant wood sandwich panel and high performance. The nucleus may have the following composition:

  • Expanded polystyrene is a high thermal insulator that stands out in the sandwich panel market, with high resistance to moisture and water damage. It also has good sound insulation. It is known for having a high mechanical resistance. In addition, made of light material for easy installation. It has high dimensional stability, so its size does not vary because of atmospheric elements.
  • Extruded polystyrene has technical characteristics similar to those with expanded polystyrene but is somewhat heavier than this. The water absorption of this product is almost null, offering better handler behavior before the passage of water, and it is also an excellent vapor barrier. Finally, this material does not vary its size with atmospheric changes, so it has high dimensional stability.
  • The core of natural cork is a material with a high capacity for thermal insulation widely used in the bioconstruction sector for its integration with the environment ensuring environmental sustainability and its high ecological value. It has good dimensional stability.
  • Finally, rock wool is a material of fibrous nature widely used in projects where you want to obtain high thermal and acoustic insulation since it dissipates the sound waves that try to cross it. This material forms a passive fire protection system, as it is a material that neither burns nor spreads flames. It also has high dimensional stability, so it does not vary with the increase or decrease of temperatures.

A wood panel for the interior used composed of different 10 mm OSB Decorated wood shavings. It is a panel formed with thermo-glued wood shavings. The difference with the upper face is that is made with larger chips, and these chips are oriented in the same direction alternating the direction between the layers. This composition gives it a superior geometry and high load stability.

In Panel Sandwich Group, we work daily to constantly manufacture wood sandwich panels of first quality and adapted to the needs specified by the clients. Therefore, depending on the type of project, the OSB Decorated Board can be developed with a core of different thicknesses: from 30 to 200 mm thick.

Its incredible features, the impeccable aesthetics, and the low price of the OSB Wood Sandwich Panel is not the only reason customers end up choosing these wooden roofing covers. Its simple assembly and installation system allows customers to obtain right away top-quality sandwich sheets or prefabricated roofing covers. This is due, in part, to the lightness of these sandwich plates and their tongue and groove system.

This OSB-decorated wood sandwich panel, can be combined with our sandwich panels of 3, 5 frets, and coverstrips. These are outer covered panels. In this way, an installation with a high aesthetic level creates and withholds a modern and industrial air discussed at the beginning, offering characteristics such as exceptional insulation that cannot be obtained with another material.

Technical Data

Principal Characteristics for the OSB Decorated Wood Panel

Resistence to water vapor diffussion (µ)Dry 50 / Wet 50
Reaction to FireE
Isolation to airbone noise32,7 dba Rw (C,Ctr)= 33 (-1, 3)

*The data presented are indicative and relative guidelines. For specific information contact our sales representatives.

The present technical data are average values obtained in different tests in the OSB Sandwich Panel. Depending on the type of thickness of the panel and the finish of the wood there can be significant changes. In any case, they have been verified and exceed the usual quality standards in the market. For more information, do not hesitate to consult the technical sheet or contact your sales representative.

Technical Data OSB Decorated Wood Panel

Load values for OSB Decorated Wood Panel with 16 mm water-repellent chipboard top face, and 10 mm exposed face of OSB decorated wood:

The data presented in the following tables are indicative and relative guidelines, where the given loads are understood as calculation loads. For specific information contact our sales representatives. For panels with core thicknesses of 140, 160, 180 and 200 mm they are manufactured in measures of 2490 x 600 and 2990 x 600.

Panel length (mm)249029904990
Support lights (mm)124514952495
Thickness (mm)Mechanical (3 supports)
Arrow L/300 – Load in kg/m2
Thickness (mm)Thermal transmittance U (W/m2K)
Top Board
H 16 mmH 19 mm
Thickness (mm)Approximately panel’s weight (kg/m2)


In recent years, and mainly in the United States, the Decorated OSB Wood Sandwich Panel has become popular as an element for housing construction. However, its use in Spain as an element of decoration and interior design in homes, offices, etc. In Panel Sandwich Group, we work daily to constantly manufacture wood sandwich panels of first quality and adapted to the needs specified by the clients.

The OSB Wood Sandwich Panel is composed of an internal core, protected by two layers of a water-repellent chipboard top with a thickness of 16 or 19 mm and an interior wood panel with different 10 mm OSB wood shavings. Depending on the type of project, the OSB Decorated Board can be manufactured on different core thicknesses: from 25 to 200 mm thick. Depending on the composed material, its density will vary; the expanded polystyrene weight is about 25 kg/m³, while in the extruded polystyrene, we speak of 35 kg/m³. The density of Rock Wool is 70 kg/m³. Finally, the cork core offers densities of 180/220 kg/m³ approximately.

If you are looking for proper protection on an interior construction from possible leaks, condensation, and humidity? You can combine our sandwich panel with accessories such as asphalt menbrane or the plate under the tile. They create a watertight coverage complementing the performance of the installation.

No matter the number of square meters you request, we adjust at all times to your economic needs and adapt the price of our Wood Panels to all budgets. Likewise, we guarantee superior quality for years and decades of enjoyment, low maintenance, and without worrying once installed.

In response to the installation of the OSB Sandwich Panel, it presents a simple tongue and groove joining system that facilitates the correct fitting between two sandwich plates, always ensuring the maximum possible insulation and protection against thermal leaks and humidity.

In Panel Sandwich Group, we recommend installing the panel by placing it using the “tresbolillo” method, that is, alternating joints but always considering that the fitting between the two insulating panels is done through the support structure, so this way, we optimize the tightness of the cover.

Its assembly is very intuitive, but minimal maintenance is always necessary so that its durability will last for many decades. The OSB Wood Sandwich Panel can be installed in metal and wooden structures. During the installation process, we must check that each OSB Sandwich Panel plate has three supports, each with three fixings that cross the panel to the structure, leaving the head of the screw in the outer chipboard. Also, in Panel Sandwich Group, we can provide the self-drilling screws necessary for installation.

100% Quality Guarantee

The natural elegance of wood makes this panel, in high demand for roofing projects of different kinds, ensuring all times resistance, insulation, and spectacular protection.

The OSB Decorated Wood Sandwich Panel pressed shavings material has become one of the rawest materials used in its development. But all these benefits can only ensure if they are top-quality prefabricated covers, such as those we develop at Panel Sandwich Group.

Compared to other manufacturers, we always guarantee high quality and safety in our products from the moment they enter the manufacturing process until they leave our facilities. However, in the market, you can find second-hand sandwich panels that we do not recommend buying since they have been removed from other project sites, in which a good part of their durable time has been used, and can cause damage to the panel´s covers.

If you are looking for a sandwich panel with another interior finish? We also offer Spruce Frieze, Water-repellent Agglomerate, Herakustik, Plasterboard, or Cement Board Wood of the best quality and with excellent features.


Sandwich Panel Installation process

Accessories and Endings


The butyl roll is the most recommended complement for the installation of the Sandwich Panel or simple sheet. It is an adhesive that is placed between joints and allows them to fit perfectly without the possibility of leaks. 50 year warranty!

asphalt membrane

Self-protecting roofing felt for Sandwich Panel projects. It resists on top of weathered roofs. We recommend asphalt menbrane for Wood Panel roofs to promote waterproofing.

plate under roof tile

Corrugated plate that is placed on top of the Wood Sandwich Panel. Its function is to favor the protection, insulation and watertightness of the wooden deck. It is used as a support to place a main covering such as a roof tile, etc.

winged screw

winged screw

Wing screw optimized for installing wood panels on metal structures. The lateral wings mill the panel during drilling, preventing the screw from threading into the panel itself.


Metal omegas are the perfect solution to act as a support or secondary structure for panels or simple sheet metal. Among the many advantages are weight resistance and reduced assembly costs.


The lateral finish covers the polyurethane foam that is exposed on the side of the roof plates; a very vulnerable point in front of precipitations and humidities that damage the insulating core and therefore reduce the performance of the installation. The lateral finish prevents these damages with a simple installation.

high-strength screw

high-strength screw

High strength screw specifically designed for the installation of wood sandwich panel on wood structures. Designed for the professional looking for the highest quality fastening.

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