Waterproof Agglomerate


Type of PanelWood Agglomarate Waterproof Sandwich Panel
Top BoardWaterproof agglomerate with thicknesses of 16 or 19 mm
FoamExtruded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, natural cork or rock wool
View BoardAgglomerate waterproof with thickness of 10, 16, and 19 mm
Width600 mm
Thickness30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 and 200
Manufacturing periodBi-weekly
StockTo be confirmed


This model of wood panel presents a versatile aesthetic, always guaranteeing a high thermal insulator and resistance.  These two characteristics are the main reason our clients prefer installing the Wood Agglomerate Sandwich Panel on all their diverse projects developments, such as industrial buildings, logistic warehouses, residential buildings, or open spaces for public leisure, for example, malls.

The Agglomerate Waterproof Wood Sandwich Panel, has a top board compose of agglomerate, with a thickness of 16 or 19 mm, and the interior surface of the same material, with thickness of 10, 16, or 19 mm.

The Waterproof Agglomerate Sandwich Panel has a chipboard upper face with a thickness of 16 or 19 mm and a lower face of the same material of 10, 16, or 19 mm. The double-sided water-repellent chipboard model substantially improves moisture protection by increasing the tightness and waterproofing of the room.

Both Water-repellent chipboard panels have a high resistance to moisture and deterioration caused by it.   In addition, it is a material with high mechanical strength.

As for the insulating core that protects both panels, in Panel Sandwich Group, we have different options with specific properties that allow it to adapt to any project guaranteeing specific outstanding properties at all times.

The Polystyrene Expanded Panel has remarkable technical properties, such as great insulating capacity and resistance to water and moisture. It has good compressive strength. It also has excellent insulating properties, both acoustic and thermal. On the one hand, Extruded Polystyrene has very similar properties to expanded polystyrene, but it is a slightly heavier material, and water absorption is practically nil.

The Natural Cork Panel is used in the bioconstruction industry due to its high ecological value. In addition, it is a very light material and highlights its ability as a thermal insulator. Finally, Rock Wool is composed of a material with a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, which makes it the ideal material if you want to have high thermal insulation. Its fibrous composition eliminates sound waves making it a highly acoustic insulator.

It also stands out for its resistance to fire having an excellent passive system against fire since it is a material that neither burns nor spreads flames. The Waterproof Agglomerate Sandwich Panel incorporates a tongue and groove union system that represents a high amount of saving for the client, facilitating the assembly between the two adjacent panels and ensuring a perfect fit.

In this way, the customer can enjoy maximum protection with a spectacular finish in the simplest possible way. To avoid leaks or thermal filtration, you can accompany the wooden sandwich panel with accessories such as asphalt fabric or the plate under the tile. They allow high insulation and tightness.

The Wood Panel of Panel Sandwich Group is usually installed in thermal insulation rooms and roofs houses. Because of this, our clients rely on the Wood Panel for a wide variety of projects: private homes, hotels, chillout areas, restaurants, shopping centers and museums, wine cellars, porches, churches, civic centers, unique houses, and rehabilitation of farmhouses, among others.

No matter the number of square meters you request, we adjust at all times to your economic needs and adapt the price of our Wood Panels to all pockets.

Likewise, we guarantee superior quality for years and decades of enjoyment with low maintenance, without worrying once it has been installed.

Technical Data

Principal Characteristics for the Water-Repellent Chipboard Panel

Resistence to water vapor diffussion (µ)Dry 50 / Wet 16
Reaction to FireE
Isolation to airbone noise33.4 dba Rw (C,Ctr)= 33 (-2, 4)

*The data presented are indicative and relative guidelines. For specific information contact our sales representatives.

The present technical data are average values obtained in different tests of the Waterproof Agglomerate Wood Panel. Depending on the thickness of the panel and the wood finish, there can be significant changes. In any case, they have been verified and exceed the usual quality standards in the market.

Technical Data Water-Repellent Chipboard Sandwich Panel

Load values for Wood Cement Board with 16 mm waterproof agglomerate top board (unless otherwise specified for this panel) and 10 mm plasterboard face view: The data presented are indicative and relative guidelines. For specific information contact our sales representatives.
Panel length (mm)24902990359041904990
Support lights (mm)12451495179520952495
ThicknessMechanical (3 supports) Arrow L/300 – Load in kg/m2
Load values for Herakustik Wood Panel with 19 mm top face of water-repellent chipboard and 15 mm face of Herakustik. The data presented are indicative and relative. For specific information, please contact our sales department.  
Thickness (mm)Thermal transmittance U (W/m2K)
Top Board
Waterproof 16 (mm)Waterproof 19 (mm)
Load values for Herakustik Wood Panel with 19 mm top face of water-repellent chipboard and 15 mm face of Herakustik. The data presented are indicative and relative. For specific information, please contact our sales department.  
Thickness (mm)Approximately panel’s weight (kg/m2)
Load values for Herakustik Wood Panel with 19 mm top face of water-repellent chipboard and 15 mm face of Herakustik. The data presented are indicative and relative. For specific information, please contact our sales department.


Our Water-repellent Agglomerate Sandwich Panel has the highest category and quality materials on the market. From Panel Sandwich Group, we only distribute material that has been tested and has their respective quality certificates that accredit the excellent behavior and performance of these during the long term. Despite their tight price, our wood panels guarantee excellent performance with exceptional and elegant aesthetics of natural wood.

As for its composition, the panel has an insulating core with up to four different foam options, the extruded polystyrene is about 35 kg / m³, and the expanded polystyrene is about 25 kg / m³. The density of the Rock Wool is 40 kg / m³, the cork core offers a density of 180/220 kg/m³, protected by two waterproof chipboard faces, the upper one with a thickness of 16 or 19 mm and the lower face of 10.16 or 19 mm. The usual production includes thicknesses around 30 to 80 mm, although thicknesses up to 120 mm can also be purchased if you want higher thermal performance.

The tongue and groove system that accompanies all our models of Wood Sandwich Panel allows agile installations to be carried out simply, without the need for large deployments. The Herakustik Water-repellent Wood Sandwich Panel guarantees the natural image of the wood and optimal behavior with tight budgets and limited time. The way our experts recommended installing this type of panel through the tresbolillo, that is, alternating the joints of the wooden panels for a strong, and resistant structure. These mechanical characteristics of the wood panel mean savings for the client and a considerable improvement for the project because they allow for reduced costs in labor or machinery.

In addition, the structures can be significantly simplified, and the number of supports reduced to increase the visibility of the elegant wood cladding and offer a diaphanous room of vast amplitude. At Panel Sandwich Group, we can provide the necessary screws for installing the wood panel. In Grupo Panel Sandwich, we offer you numerous options being able to choose between different techniques, varnishes and finishes to give the spruce frieze sandwich panel an aesthetic according to the client’s project.

If you are looking for a sandwich panel with another interior finish?  We can offer you Spruce Frieze wood, OSB, Herakustik, Plasterboard, or Cement Wood Board of the best quality and excellent features.

Sandwich Panel Installation process

Accessories and Endings


The butyl roll is the most recommended complement for the installation of the Sandwich Panel or simple sheet. It is an adhesive that is placed between joints and allows them to fit perfectly without the possibility of leaks. 50 year warranty!

asphalt membrane

Self-protecting roofing felt for Sandwich Panel projects. It resists on top of weathered roofs. We recommend asphalt menbrane for Wood Panel roofs to promote waterproofing.

plate under roof tile

Corrugated plate that is placed on top of the Wood Sandwich Panel. Its function is to favor the protection, insulation and watertightness of the wooden deck. It is used as a support to place a main covering such as a roof tile, etc.

winged screw

winged screw

Wing screw optimized for installing wood panels on metal structures. The lateral wings mill the panel during drilling, preventing the screw from threading into the panel itself.


Metal omegas are the perfect solution to act as a support or secondary structure for panels or simple sheet metal. Among the many advantages are weight resistance and reduced assembly costs.


The lateral finish covers the polyurethane foam that is exposed on the side of the roof plates; a very vulnerable point in front of precipitations and humidities that damage the insulating core and therefore reduce the performance of the installation. The lateral finish prevents these damages with a simple installation.

high-strength screw

high-strength screw

High strength screw specifically designed for the installation of wood sandwich panel on wood structures. Designed for the professional looking for the highest quality fastening.

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