Wood Sandwich Panel

UNDERSIDE: Spruce Friese (10 mm)
OUTERSIDE: Water-resistant chipboard (16/19 mm)
  • The wood finish is in natural Spruce Friese with the possibility of being varnished in 14 different colours.

  • It guarantees maximum protection and thermal insulation with great resistance that allows very high overloads.

  • It is mainly used to thermally insulate attics or house’s roofs.

Residential use
Highly Aesthetic
Hidden screw

Characteristics of Wood Sandwich Panel


The Wood Sandwich Panel provides a very high thermal insulation thanks to its insulating core of high density extruded polystyrene foam, around 35 kg / m3. In the upper layer of the wood panel we find a water-repellent agglomerate of 16 or 19 mm, which protects against leaks and humidity that can damage the insulating core, considerably reducing the performance of the installation. This protection, together with the tongue and groove system of the Sandwich Panels, ensures correct performance under tile roofs.

The lower face of the wood panel can be manufactured in a wide variety of finishes, according to the characteristics of the project and the preferences of each client. Thus, we can choose between the most popular models made with friezes of different woods to other more particular solutions such as wood cement, plasterboard or several agglomerates. Whatever the termination chosen by the customer, we can manufacture Sandwich Panels in thicknesses of 30 to 120 mm to provide the thermal insulation required by each project. To learn more about the characteristics of each wood panel and its availability, we recommend consulting our sales team and they would offer you the best prices.

In addition to the exceptional image provided by the wood panel, its assembly is another advantage compared to other boards that have become a sandwich roof increasingly installed in a variety of projects. The tongue and groove system ensures the correct meeting between the Sandwich Panels while protecting against thermal leaks as well as moisture that can damage the polystyrene core and considerably reduce the performance of the wood panel. The sandwich plates are screwed directly to the structure, always ensuring three supports per wooden panel with three fixings in each one of them. It is preferable to place them in a quincunx to alternate the joints and reinforce the waterproofing of the sandwich cover. This simple installation considerably reduces the costs of the construction but guarantees exceptional performance.

As in other covers for sandwich sheet roofs or insulating panels for facades of industrial buildings, our wooden panels offer the quality certificates required by current regulations. This documentation is a guarantee for the customer, who can thus know in advance the performance of the wood panel to avoid problems with the installation later. The parameters included in this documentation have been evaluated in rigorous tests carried out by independent organizations, yielding values ​​that meet or even improve the levels established in the European framework. These characteristics are subject to each Sandwich Panel, so we recommend consulting our team if you need specific information on a wood panel. In this way, the customer is guaranteed to acquire the highest quality at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

Technical Data of Wood Sandwich Panel

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m2 for Wood Sandwich Panel:

Table of thermal insulation values for Wood Sandwich Panel:

Sandwich Panel Installation Process


The excellent finish of the wood panels has allowed its installation in a wide variety of projects that not only seek an outstanding finish, but also a high thermal insulation with a quick and easy installation. In addition, the price of Sandwich Panel Wood is much lower than other solutions that provide an image of this great quality, which also require additional treatments and slower construction processes. Therefore, more and more customers rely on the wood panel to achieve a spectacular work with costs much lower than those usually associated with a work of these characteristics.

The consolidated leadership position of PANEL SANDWICH GROUP has allowed us to participate in a wide variety of projects with very different characteristics, providing the most appropriate wood panels to achieve a spectacular result. One of the most frequent works is its installation in chalets and other buildings for residential use, taking advantage of that they provide a luxury aesthetic with a much higher performance.

The luxurious finish of these sandwich plates is also used in other projects that seek a refined image, such as theaters, auditoriums and halls of various buildings. In these cases, it can be used to install large-span wooden panel, which reduces the structure to a minimum to enjoy large open spaces, making the most of the interior of the buildings. In addition, the wooden panels also ensure excellent thermal insulation that reduces heating and cooling costs, an important saving.

Within the wide range of finishes offered by wood panels, we can find sandwich plates that add other attractions to the natural aesthetics of this material. This is the case of wood cement, for example, which provides great resistance to the structure and allows work on it without renouncing the benefits. In this way, a result according to the characteristics of each project is guaranteed thanks to the exceptional characteristics of this sandwich roof, ensuring maximum performance during its long life.

The easy installation of wood panels is an important advantage over other roofing that provide a similar image. The tongue and groove system ensures the correct union of the sandwich plates while reinforcing the thermal insulation of the sandwich roof, as well as its waterproofing. However, it is always advisable to install tiles at reasonable prices, also reinforcing the sandwich cover with asphalt cloth and under tile between both to achieve maximum tightness in the wood panel.

This performance is only possible thanks to the good quality that we provide in each of our orders, always at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP. Other manufacturers of Sandwich Panel give second hand ensuring the same protection as sandwich plates first, but its protection is negligible and can cause serious damage to the installation. To avoid accidents and ensure protection for long periods of time, we only recommend installing high quality wood panels; for that reason, the wood panels of first result much more economic that a Panel Sandwich of occasion that will deteriorate very fast and will have to renew the cover for roofs.

Finishes available from Wood Sandwich Panel 


Natural Spruce Board

This wood panel has a lower face composed of a 10 mm thick natural or unvarnished spruce board, so that the client can give it the same treatment as other wooden elements of the installation and thus enjoy an integrated finish.

Glazed Spruce Board

These wooden panels incorporate a lower board of varnished spruce board, already prepared for a final installation without the need for further treatments. We have a wide variety of water-based varnishes and traditional varnishes for the varnished spruce fir wood panel, so we recommend consulting with our sales representatives the characteristics of each sandwich plate.

Noble Woods Spruce

To provide a superior elegance in the installation or to combine it with the materials that appear in the building, we offer wood panel with spruce of noble woods: oak, chestnut and iroko. These three models bring the natural beauty of these woods with the characteristic price of Wood Sandwich Panel.


The wooden panels can also incorporate a plywood board on the underside, so that the characteristics of wood as diverse as smooth pine, birch, chestnut or okumen are exploited. In these cases, the customer can also choose a phenolic plywood for the upper face of the wood panel, according to the characteristics of the installation.

Osb decorated

In addition to the price, the wooden panel with osb decorated brings a very particular aesthetic, which many of our customers have used to build unique buildings with great taste. These boards of wood shavings provide resistance and ease of use, so they can be adapted to the characteristics of each project.


Wood panels are not only characterized by their aesthetics, but they can also provide very different solutions. This is the case of the herakustik panel, whose extra thin chipboard has been reinforced with magnesite to provide high sound absorption, considerably reducing noise levels.


The Sandwich Panels with a lower layer of plasterboard provide the possibilities of using conventional ceilings, added to the thermal insulation and easy assembly of the standard Sandwich Panel Wood. Thanks to this roof plate, many customers perform all kinds of jobs supported by this material.

Cement wood

The technical characteristics of the wood panel may be insufficient in certain projects, which is why we offer reinforced solutions such as the wood cement panel. This sandwich plate incorporates a board composed of both materials on its underside that provides extraordinary strength to the sandwich roof.

Water-resistant chipboard

To achieve the best result in all types of works, always at the best price, the Sandwich Panel made of water-repellent agglomerated wood presents both panels made of this material, reinforcing the protection against leaks and humidity provided by conventional sandwich plates.

Natural Pyrenean floor

Unlike other wood panels, this sandwich plate incorporates a fir platform on its underside that provides a more refined aesthetic than the frieze. In addition, available to the customer can be manufactured in natural or unvarnished finish, to receive the same treatment as wooden beams and other elements of the building.

Varnished Pyrenees floor

The Sandwich Panel Wood with varnished Pyrenean flooring allows to build elegant spaces quickly, thanks to the assembly system of these sandwich plates. In addition, we offer a wide range of water and natural varnishes to provide the most attractive finish for the customer, always at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

Large Lights Wood Panel

To minimize the necessary structures in the installation of the wood panel, we also offer the model large lights that allows distances between openings of up to 6 meters with wooden panels of up to 12 meters. Thanks to this, the client enjoys the careful fir wood with a spectacular result.

Accessories and endings


The installation of the Wood Sandwich Panel is a simpler task than other alternatives with such an aesthetic, but it is advisable to take a series of measures to ensure the correct performance of the wooden panels. We already mentioned the importance of using other waterproofing measures to achieve the best result in the installation of the roof covering, especially when tiles are going to be placed at the best price on the wood panel.

In particular, we usually recommend to our customers the installation of asphalt cloth and under tile. The first is a felt coated with asphalt and mineral fibers to improve its strength, making it one of the most installed roofing materials in the world. The low tile is specially indicated to place under these covers, since they are special resins plates and with overlaps that ensure the waterproofing.

Finally, we can not forget the role played by the hardware supplied in each order of wood panels. To ensure maximum performance at the best price, at PANEL SANDWICH GROUP we offer the screws adapted to these materials, which penetrate a minimum of 20 mm on a metal structure and 50 mm on wood to ensure maximum protection.

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